Hiring a cheap mobile app development company will do worse than any good for your mobile application. Building an app is probably not the rightmost opportunity to save some bucks and settle for lower quality than standard.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
-Benjamin Franklin

In the absence of a skilled in-house team, the only option is outsourcing the task by hiring a mobile app development company. By doing so, you may save a reasonable sum of money now, but later you will incur costs for either its re-building or by negative user reviews.

There are two main angles you must consider while you hire a company to build an app:

  • Find the right balance between quality and affordable rates.
  • App development is the job of experts; you must understand the right price their service is worthy of.


The final goal is not to create a fancy app but a fully functional fancy app. You can achieve this goal by not hiring a cheap mobile app development agency and choosing quality over saving a handful of pennies.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to hire a company to build an app.

But before that, we have listed a few reasons not to hire a cheap app builder. Let’s get on with it.

You Might be Settling for Cheap Mobile Application Development Company Because…

This section of the blog will clearly bring out the reasons you are bending towards a cheap app development and design company.

  • Budgetary Issues

Your tight budget is not allowing you to find a better agency hence you think you have made the best choice. But, there is a huge difference between making the best possible choice and THE ACTUAL BEST CHOICE!

  • In Your Opinion, an App Doesn’t Hold Much Importance

You think that your local business is giving you enough returns and you don’t wanna experiment. But, in reality, to maximize your profits, you will have to take a step in another direction and build your app from a good end-result delivering company.

  • Over-Dependence of Social Media

If you have unlocked the power of social media, it is undoubtedly an amazing source to acquire new leads. But, depending ONLY on social media for digital presence is where you are missing out on a lot of good scope of growth. An app will bring you direct users and revenue.  

  • You Have Bargained Your Way Through an Agency

You think since you have cracked the deal with an agency that is providing you the dsid services at your said price, you needn’t bother more about it. Well, this is an issue to be bothered about. Thinking why? Well, imagine if a company is giving you the services you want at the price you asked, will they deliver a quality app to you?

We know we have captured whatever was there in your mind. 

Down below, we have listed a few reasons not to hire a cheap app builder. Let’s get on with them:

Why Shouldn’t You Hire a Cheap Mobile App Development Company?

Firstly, app development is a one-time investment. We mean to say you want to launch one app and keep upgrading it with new stuff.

Secondly, to answer the above question, there are numerous reasons not to hire a cheap app developer.

Let’s explore the reasons to avoid hiring a cheap app development firm one by one:

Inferior App Quality

There are high chances of compromising your app’s quality if the developing agency is not being paid well. Before performing any task, we all think about whether putting in the effort is worth the payment or not.

Similarly, if developers feel that the incentive is not enough, they might as well develop the code just for the sake of completing the task. There is no or less driving force for quality work for cheap app developers; thus, they will provide you with an inferior quality app.

NOTE: There is a direct relationship between the efforts put in by the agency and the decided payment they will be receiving.

Cheap Mobile App Development Companies Don’t Provide After-Sale Service

The technical support after the app launch is the after-sale service in the mobile application development process.

Three significant problems will arise if the hired app builder does not provide after-sale service.

1. A cheap app development agency will never provide you with after-sale services. Once done with the app deployment, the company will refuse to rectify the reported bugs in the app.
2. At such a stage, finding a new app development agency and giving them time to understand the code will be a sheer waste of your time, energy, and money.
3. Also, a cheaply paid development company will not help with the system upgrades, if any, in the future.

No Proper Mobile App Development Team Structure

The agency’s team structure entirely depends on the type, scale, and complexity of the project. A cheap app builder might be someone working single-handedly or with employees playing multiple roles. The time and focus divided will affect the quality of work.

Henceforth, choose a company that has a predefined team structure for app development with designated roles.

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Try your level best to choose a company with a team structure that believes in these three principal values:

  • Joint cooperation
  • Takes deadlines seriously
  • Aims for rewarding results.

Re-Do Expenses -> Waste of Time & Money

Below is a question that will put you in deep thoughts.

Do you see a point in hiring a cheap mobile app development company that comes up with a not-so-perfect product; you get disappointed and then re-assign the app to another company to improve its quality?

This cycle is going to cost you the same (or probably more). Is this a feasible situation? No, right?

An intelligent and straightforward solution would be to hire a good app development company that gives you a good quality app in the results.

Lack of Scalability

App development process is not a one-time investment. It is a continual process as the app has to be upgraded with the ongoing advancements in the industry. But, a cheap mobile app development company will never provide for the app capability to be scaled up when the need arises. Isn’t it too bad?

Readymade Solutions or Clone

A company which is quoting less than others will not devote its valuable resources in developing your app from absolute scratch. It will simply use available clones or readymade codes, make some changes here and there, and deliver it to you. Think again, do you want to do that to your dream app business?

Lack of Valid Experience

A company with less or no experience will treat your app as a trial project, or rather like an experiment. Due to this, it might make huge mistakes or not provide you with the best results as it is their first experience.

There are so many red flags in choosing a cheap app development company. Do you want to go ahead with it despite knowing the results?

Why Choose ‘Excellent Webworld’ for Mobile App Development?

The whole app development process will be a lot easier and smoother if you choose a trusted company in the first place. Excellent Webworld is an all-rounder company catering to all IT services.

Choose a Trusted App Development Company
Let us give you six noteworthy reasons to choose us for your upcoming mobile app development project:

1 Developing User-Centric Apps

Our developing team firmly believes in building apps that provide top-notch user experience. We keep the user’s perspective and ease of use in mind while developing and designing the app.

2 Providing Variety of Models To Suit Your Budget

The primary deciding factor of affordability is the earning capacity. Hence, we have designed various models to suit every client’s monetary budget. Accordingly, you can hire dedicated mobile app developers or developers based on hourly rates.

3 Simplified Flow of Communication

Besides the flexible working hours according to your country’s time zone, we are also available 24 x 7 on various mediums like Skype, email, WhatsApp, etc.

4 Experienced Developing Team

Working staff at EWW holds a good amount of experience in app development for various industry domains. Apart from that, we also follow a proper mobile app development process in organized phases. Don’t hire a remote app developer who gives you dicey feeling about your project.

5 Custom Mobile App Development Services

The cheapest way to build an app is to develop from the available readymade code and clones. Well, at EWW, every customized application is a challenge for us to create something new and innovative. And we love challenges!

6 FREE Consultation & Analysis

Do you have an app idea? Well, discuss your requirements with us and schedule a brainstorming session with our business strategists. You can also claim your FREE quotation and business analysis report within 24-48 hours.

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In The End…

Given these points, you must be wondering that quality is always expensive! And how to choose a mobile app development company without spending a lot of money? Well, that may not be the case every time. An affordable web developer at affordable prices might be a difficult match to find, but it is not impossible.

The price we quote is worth the quality! We have kept our word, always!

Choose only the best place to find an affordable mobile app development company which delivers you a quality app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Not Hiring a Cheap Mobile App Development Company

Q1. Which company is best for app development?

An app development company that provides a quality app, designed to function properly and provide the users with the best user experience should be your best choice. For instance, like Excellent Webworld is a leading It, mobile and web app development company that caters to clients needs worldwide. From consulting to strategy, from UI/UX design to app development, staff at EWW is skilled and experienced to deliver your dream app.

Q2. Why should I hire a professional app design company?

Hiring a professional app design company brings a lot of benefits. As follows:
● Dedicated developers working only on your project.
● Such companies have qualified and experienced employees only.
● Project managers for overall supervision of the process.
● Fixed Price As Signed in the Contract.
● All professional & full-time employees would know the latest tech stack.

Q3. What should an app design company do for your business?

Certain steps that an app design company must follow are:
01. Jotting the app idea down on paper.
02. Research on what new features can be added in the app.
03. Creating wireframes and prototyping.
04. Handing over to the developers for coding.
Also, an app design company must create an app compatible with and responsive on all devices (desktop, iPad, mobile, etc.). Also, the app design must be built on all the required platforms and should be scalable.

Q4. What is the average cost of application development?

Deciding factors of the cost of app development are the UI/UX, complexity, functions, and app features. To give you a rough idea, on average, the cost of application development can range from $20000 up to $100000.