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Ever since augmented reality has introduced, it has been significantly transforming our perception towards the world. Given that, investment in augmented reality app development is anticipated to reach $105 billion by 2020, it is obvious to state that augmented reality is a technology worth exploring for the contemporary merchants.

What Is Augmented Reality And How Does It Work?

New Augmented reality technology is described as an improved version of reality developed by the use of technology to superimpose digital information on an image of a particular aspect being viewed on a device like a smartphone.


Excellent WebWorld being one of the leaders in technology market has proven its technology efficiency by offering superlative augmented reality mobile app development solutions. Our highly experienced augmented reality app design team has acquired enough expertise for creating augmented reality apps.


We offer robust augmented reality app development services which empower businesses to attract more and more customers over the period and serve all unique experience to them.

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What Are The Different Types Of Augmented Reality?

Projection Based Augmented Reality

Digital images are displayed in physical space on physical objects. It can be interactive and non-interactive.

Location Based AR Apps

Smartphone’s location will be recorded from GPS and device accelerometer and relevant info will pop up on the screen.

Outlining Augmented Reality

These types of AR use object recognition to outline anything in physical space like a building, car or pillar.

Recognition Based Augmented Reality

The AR markers are used as a scanning medium and the corresponding object is displayed, for example, word translation.

Superimposition Based AR

The augmented view displayed on the Smartphone screen is superimposed partly or fully by an augmented object.

We Encompass Proficiency In Cutting-Edge Technologies

3D Modeling

We have a team of developers who are specialized in 3D modeling technique for developing augmented reality apps which provide 3D models of different objects.

3D Rendering

We implement 3D rendering method in order to build augmented reality apps with engaging and photorealistic effects.

Rigging & Animation

We are well acquainted with how to develop augmented reality apps with outstanding animations using rigging technology- which makes a skeleton for a 3D model so it can move.

SLAM Tracking

Our AR development team knows how to utilize SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) in AR applications to identify objects and superimpose digital interactive augmentations.

Markerless & Markebased Tracking

We encompass expertise to implement both the Markerless & Markebased tracking method in augmented reality apps.

We Render Dexterous AR Development Solutions For

augmented reality app development


Our AR development team is well-versed to utilize powerful features of the tablet such as camera, scan sensor, GPS sensor, compass and transparent OLED screen, so as to enable them with effective AR functions.

AR solutions with Smartphones


We integrate most applicable and trending AR solutions with Smartphones to enable users to exploit high-end Smartphone that enhances their perception of surrounding world.

Create augmented reality apps with TV


We create augmented reality apps that allow users to interact with virtual characters through a big screened TV.

AR solutions with Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses

Our augmented reality expert attempt to build innovative experiments along with wearable gadgets such as Google Glasses and Meta’s Space Glasses

Our Augmented Reality Application Development Solutions for Diverse Industries

Augmented Reality in Education

With revolutionary augmented reality mobile app development solutions, we are contributing to education industry digital transformation. Educational AR apps aid students to obtain additional digital information related to any subject while making it easier to understand complex information.

Our AR Solutions in Education Indsutry

  • Explain Complicated Concepts And Abstract

    The augmented reality apps for the classroom has an ability to transform any complex concept which is hard to visualize in a classroom or computer, by students, into 3D models. These 3D visual models help students get an absolute understanding of the lesson topic.

  • Student Involvement And Interaction

    AR education apps for students help educators to involve students in the studying process with the interactive 3D model. Augmented reality classroom capture student attention and help them to understand the subject matter deeper.

  • Interactive Books

    Augmented reality books make learning brighter and engaging, providing a complete understanding of most complicated concepts. The sound, animations and interaction actions incorporated in AR books attract children or student attention.

  • Discover And Learn New Stuff

    AR learning apps can facilitate visitors to museums to get historical events by exploring extra content related to the objects. AR offers visitors with additional information about what they observe or even allows taking a tour of the past.

Now the question arises: How To Use Augmented Reality In Education?

Explore some best examples of educational AR apps and you will understand the benefits of AR apps in education

Elements 4D


Anatomy 4D


Google Translate


Amazing Space Journey

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Augmented Reality in Retail & Fashion Industry

Augmented reality greatly helps retailers to plan their marketing. We offer specialized AR development solutions for retail business has the potential to enhance the sale by increasing store visitors and customer engagement.

What Our Apps Serve To The Retail Industry

  • Detailed Analytics Of Users’ Behavior

    AR-enabled apps for retail offer a unique ability to track and analyze data from every consumer. Analyzing the purchase history and user interactions with the app, retailers are able to better recognize customer needs.

  • Helps In Customers’ Decisions And Decreases Returns Of Purchases

    AR apps for retailers allow customers to preview the product they want to purchase. This helps customers to make most precise choice of the product while reducing the shopping time and chances of return.

  • Increases In-Store Traffic As Well As Brand Awareness

    With interactive augmented reality apps, companies can inform users about prices deals while adding gamify experience to the products, which indirectly augments the in-store traffic and awareness of their brand.

  • Renders Best Interactive User Experience

    Augmented reality apps let users to personally interact with online and offline products available to scan with AR technology. Using AR features a user can change the style, color etc of the selected product and obtain some additional information.

You must be thinking about: How Augmented Reality Benefits Retail and Shopping?

Here are Certain Instances of Retailer AR App That Will Help You To Understand








Want To Build Your Own Retail AR App?

Augmented Reality for E-commerce

Augmented reality technology has been significantly bringing continuous opportunities for E-commerce businesses. With the proficient AR development team, we build innovative AR Development solutions for eCommerce Industry having the potential to enhance your online shop revenue and improve user shopping experience.

The Benefits Of Integrating Our AR In E-Commerce Stores

  • Modify or Customize Selections

    AR capabilities allow the customer to check the preferences and view personal modifications in the online store. Such options offer customers with customization of an intricate and time-consuming task.

  • Increase Time That Customers Spend In Online Store

    Consumers are likely to spend more time on the online store for playing, interacting, or trying out AR model of a product and with AR the time rises more than 5 times. This increases the chances of purchasing a product by the customer.

  • Help Selling Big Things Worldwide

    AR Technology makes it possible to offer people with visualization of big products like vehicle outside the real store this will enable organizations to sell their big size products online.

  • Lessen The Buyer’s Doubts And Return Rate

    With AR customers have the ability to view 3D model of products in online stores and customize them. Broad choice allows customers to make the sensible decision and also improves the purchasing rate.

So,How Augmented Reality Will Shape the Future of Ecommerce?

Here Are The Best Examples of AR in E-commerce








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Augmented Reality for Real Estate

We build ground-breaking AR development solutions and AR mobile apps for real estate businesses that help real estate entrepreneurs to tackle major challenges introduced with traditional approaches. Using real estate AR apps your clients can view AR models of any property of their interest.

Benefits of Our AR Applications in Real Estate Industry

  • Clear Understanding Of Products

    AR presentation offers better assistance for each complex object and helps clients to accurately visualize big buildings through augmented 3D models.

  • New Marketing Options

    AR brings a number of new marketing approaches for real estate businesses, such as printing interactive catalog and boards with AR, Adding Geo-tags to help locate your properties on sale in the real world etc.

  • Better Engagement

    Augmented reality gets customers involved and interested in your portfolio and thereby helps to convert these engaged customers into real clients buying the properties and services.

  • Save Time And Resources

    Using mobile app clients can explore the AR catalog and select the site of interest without the need of going to the agency; this drastically reduces the time and resource requirement[c5] .

So,How Augmented Reality Will Shape the Future of Real Estate?

Here Are The Best Examples of AR in Real Estate








Want To Build Your Real Estate AR App?

Augmented Reality in Tourism

AR technology in tourism has been bringing innovative experience for the travelers by serving interactive means to get helpful information, guides, navigation, and translations. Our AR experts have proven skills to create an impressive AR mobile app for Travel and Tourism Businesses.

How AR Apps Are Beneficial In Tourism

  • Effective Travel Guide

    An AR-enabled travel app allows travelers to point at the transportation object to get the route, next stop, direction, and places of interest. With AR travelers can transform a metro map into an interactive guide in multiple languages.

  • Extraordinary Tour Experience

    Exploring tourist destinations and attraction with AR really turns typical city tours into something more extraordinary. With AR one can travel back in time, enjoy 3D models of places, and can get fun tour guides.

  • Develops Marketing Methods

    AR brings a number of capabilities for travel agencies to advertise and market their tourism services. An animated visualization fetches customer attention and interest much better.

  • Solves Language Barriers

    AR apps or features help a tourist in foreign countries to avoid misunderstanding by quickly translating any information into their native language.

Augmented Reality App Usecases In Travel Industry

Some Great Examples of AR in Tourism

Tunnel Vision







Lets Build A Travel AR App For Your Business?

Augmented Reality in Sports

Augmented reality in Sports Industry has been introducing imperative and positive changes to the audience, training skills, fans, and marketing.  Augmented reality has huge aptitude to reduce the risk of injuries and failures, perk up the skills of athletes, and augment the viewing experiences for the fans.

What We Serve To The Sports Industry

  • Sports Marketing

    AR in sports advertising makes every brochure, stand, or poster on the stadium or field more engaging and entertaining. Further AR apps help to release digital objects and the additional information from the promotion materials.

  • Enhanced Experience Of Fans

    AR in sports brings an action closer to the audience giving an interesting visual experience to them. Augmented reality sports apps yield a fresh breath and many positive changes for the audiences.

  • Plan Route for Runners and Bikers

    AR Sports App enables bikers, runners, and hikers to plan their path and review it in spanking new look. These apps utilize 3D landscape map to visualize the runs, bike rides, and hikes.

  • Improved Fitness Routine

    AR-enabled fitness app provides real-time information about the internal and external functions of the body. AR fitness apps also display information about the number of steps, heart rate, running distance, number of calories burned, etc.

How Augmented Reality Will Change Sports Industry?

Check Out The Examples of AR Apps in Sports

MLB at Bat


Fitness AR


Sports AR



Looking for developers to build sports AR App?

Augmented Reality for Manufacturing

AR technology transforms the major manufacturing operations into a simplified one such as training, design, production, maintenance etc. The real-time data and virtual objects provided by AR assist in the entire manufacturing process. We develop AR solutions for manufacturing that help companies to map out the plant layout with a 3D model to place workstations and tooling, ensuring equipments efficiency and safety.

What We Serve To The AR in Manufacturing Industry

  • Increase In Production

    AR technology when applied to production helps to achieve a higher number of the final product. With AR plants and factories can experience the boost up work speed by 30% which tends to enlarge the production figures.

  • Cost Reduction

    Augmented reality helps to significantly prevent errors, reduce production downtime and improve the quality and thereby reduce the costs.

  • Complex assembly

    Augmented reality applications offer the employees with visual displaying of the parts in order to assemble information about essential instruments for every stage.

  • Better Maintenance

    Augmented reality in manufacturing helps to improve maintenance by providing assistance for equipment labeling of components, real-time diagnostic data gesture tracking, safety warnings etc.

How Manufacturing Companies Are Using Augmented Reality?

The Examples Of AR in Manufacturing








Looking for solutions to develop AR App for the manufacturing industry?

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Healthcare services can be much effectively and conveniently served with AR technology experiments. Our AR specialist has gained enough experience in developing augmented reality apps and AR solutions for different sectors of healthcare industry such as surgery, education of future doctors, diagnostics, decease detection, nursing care, pharmacy etc.

The Best Benefits of AR in Healthcare

  • Medical Training And Education

    AR technology helps to make medical training more interactive and allows students to utilize the theory in the real world.

  • Better Aftercare

    AR healthcare apps help patients after leaving hospitals to keep on track with their treatment at home.

  • Navigation

    Navigation AR apps can be helpful to find and provide information about the nearest hospitals and physicians.

  • AR in Pharmacy

    Augmented reality apps can display drug information in the memorable and understandable manner. Using such apps patients can be provided with a 3D model of medicaments and their key functions.

How Augmented Reality is helpful in Healthcare industry?

Examples of AR in Healthcare








Looking for developers to build Healthcare AR App?

ARKit Vs ARCore Development

Google and Apple have introduced a big endowment for developing augmented reality apps, in terms of two powerful frameworks ARCore and ARKit. Our AR development team is well updated with two platforms and has acquired the expertise to create augmented reality apps for both iOS and Android.


Introduced by Apple, ARKit is the framework which allows the developers to build augmented reality apps for iOS 11 and above.


ARCore is the SDK to make augmented reality apps for Android 7.0 Nougat or above, developed by Google.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Augmented Reality App?

Your augmented reality app development cost will vary according to some factors as listed below:
Choice of Platform and Business Model

Choice of Platform and Business Model

The AR app development cost may differ depending on whether you need an exclusively iOS app or just want to release it on Android.
Complexity Of The App

Complexity Of The App

The more dynamic application you will ask for, the larger the cost related to incorporating AR technology will be.
Application Features

Application Features

The number of features and functionality you will need to implement in your AR app will increase the cost of development.
App Design

App Design

The design is an essential factor in order to make differentiation from other apps, thereby hiring an expert UI and UX designers will surely going to cost some more.

Why Is Excellent Webworld The Best Augmented Reality App Development Company?

Trusted AR Development Solutions

We serve top-notch and guaranteed AR solutions having the potential to yield maximum benefits for your business.
  • Augmented Reality Specialist

    We have built up an AR development team having specialized AR app developers, who can turn any idea into an exceptional AR app.

  • Secured and Confidential

    We ensure to handover the essential information to only reliable hands so as to maintain high project confidentiality.

  • Excellent Support

    Our dedicated AR development team ensures be available to help our clients with every feasible approach at each phase of the project.

  • Client-Centric Approach

    We strictly follow client first approach so as to fabricate most precise solutions as per their particular business requirements and functions.

  • Rapid & Time Bound Development

    We have the great aptitude to keep our work streamlined in order to deliver on-time and quality results according to our project timelines commitment.

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