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We Provide Personalized Automotive Integration Solutions

Excellent Webworld has been providing automotive management solutions and IT consulting services to several enterprises from around the world.

Today the cloud-based automotive solutions, connected experiences, and advance automotive integration solutions are the buzzword for this industry, and we are the creators of these buzz-worthy digital solutions.

We provide a complete range of user-friendly automotive IT solutions from automotive industry consulting to manufacturing, and operations to dealership management system. We have grown a strong habit of embracing new technologies and automotive trends to build future-proof automotive industry solutions.

Our built advanced automotive systems make use of Cloud & IoT-enabled technologies to serve personalized solutions to a wide range of automotive clients.

We will be the digital partner for the growth of your automotive business. Our team will serve you custom IT Consulting & Services as per the needs of your automotive niche’s demand.

Our Automotive Services Management Solutions

  • Automotive Management Consulting
  • Automotive Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Manufacturing Management
  • Automotive Inventory Management
  • IoT & Cloud-Enabled Operations
  • Automotive Service Management
  • Automotive ERP & CRM Solutions
  • Automotive Warehouse Management System
  • Automotive Fleet Management Solution
  • Automotive Dealer Management Systems

Our Automotive Resource Management Solutions

  • Automotive Staffing Solutions
  • Attendance & Leave Management Solutions
  • Automotive Internet Management Solution
  • Automotive Inventory Management Solutions
  • Automotive Workshop Management Solution
  • Automotive Sales & Operations System
  • Demand Management Solutions
  • Subscription Billing & Revenue Management
  • Transportation Management System
  • Vehicle Sales Management Solutions

Top-Notch Mobility Solutions For The Automotive Businesses

Our working experience with automotive manufacturers and other automotive businesses has helped us deliver digital transformation and next-gen technologies.

Who Should Choose Our Automotive App Development Services?

  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Automobile Dealers
  • B2B Asset Providers
  • Vehicle & Fleet Operators
  • Full Automotive Mobility Providers

Best Features for Enterprise Mobility Solutions
for Automotive Industry

We offer comprehensive automotive mobility solutions to our clients with our best in
class automotive system features.
  • Role Management
  • Track Daily Reports & Transactions
  • Multiple Profile
  • Email Alerts
  • Invoice Management
  • GEO Listings
  • One-Touch Call
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Automatic Fare Calculation
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • In-App Payments
  • Dynamic UI Rendering
  • Address History
  • Flexible Vehicle Options
  • Parking Place Finder
  • Geolocation Boundary Settings
We Have Mastered These Technology Stack
We Have Mastered These Technology Stack
We Have Mastered These Technology Stack
We Have Mastered These Technology Stack
Database Technology Stack
We Have Mastered These Technology Stack
Cloud Technology Stack
We Have Mastered These Technology Stack
JavaScript Technology Stack

Need Help Selecting a Technology?

Schedule a free consultation with us for your industry Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a best digital solution that perfectly matches your project needs.

Our 3 Advanced Technology Solutions for Automotive Industry

AR VR Solution

AR/VR Solution

VR and AR solutions for the Auto industry help in designing vehicles with precision. Customers can test drive their dream car and visit the showroom in a virtual environment.

Predictive Analysis and Intelligence

Our Predictive Analysis and Intelligence solutions for the Auto industry identify new trends from collected data and make the most efficient decisions in production.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide a wide range of IoT solutions for your Automotive enterprise. Our solutions can connect devices-to-vehicles, vehicle-to-vehicle, On-Board Diagnostics and a lot more.

Our Award Winning Works that Made Our Clients into Global Sensations

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few most frequently asked questions by our potential clients before finalizing to work with us.
Yes, we follow a strict NDA policy so that your business idea remains safe. An NDA will be signed by both, you and us, which protects the assets of both parties.
We have helped several individuals who didn’t have any idea for a startup. Working with someone who has a partially formed idea is even better. This way we can help you fit in the missing pieces of your idea and create an app together. (The end product will still solely be your business property)
Certainly, we understand that not every client that comes to us is a technically learned person. If you were that well informed then you might have build your app, yourself. It is our job to cater to your needs and make you fully comfortable with the technicality of the project. Our team of coders will simplify the meetings to a technical jargon-free dialogue so that you can understand as well as equally participate in the conversation of your project.
Yes, we do provide pre and post-development consultancy to our every client. We understand that you didn’t just hire us to code you a world-class app but also to get the right guidance at each step of the project. Majority of our clients are startups; we were one too, so we understand the need of proper guidance, and we provide it for you.

What We Promise

We feel proud to have always followed our company values perfectly for each project and every client. We promise to provide you with:
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