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How Is Brainly a Quick Solution to Mid & High-School Students?

About Brainly app – it is one of the most popular and easy apps for students to solve their tough questions. The growing competition in the market has led these apps to flourish as every student today strives to excel in each subject.

Going from questioning to understanding, an app like Brainly is the knowledge-sharing platform for all the students and experts. Brainly provides instant solutions to any subject like Math, History, English, Biology, Advanced Placement, Health, Business, Computers, Technology, and different languages, etc.

Brainly is the most trusted online community helping millions of students with verified answers. This app covers around 35 countries in 12 different languages. You can get real-time help from the pro tutors available online.

For example, if any student needs help solving Math problems, the Brainly tutor will provide step-by-step guidance for clear understanding.

A peer-to-peer learning app for students, parents, and teachers keeps the users engaged in the online learning community. These communities are reliable with quality answers and guidance by dedicated moderators to check the content and update it daily.

Next comes its appealing design that attracts millions of students to join the community and learn better.

Screenshots of Brainly App

Always explore! Brainly has a noticeable UI design that excites the students to continue learning. Have a look!

screenshots of brainly app

How to Use the Brainly App?

Are your exams nearing? Are you still struggling to complete a few chapters?

Download the Brainly app now and solve all your doubts instantly. Login for free and create an account; it will guide you through the dashboard.

“What you need to know?” is a great place to start with.

Students can always filter questions by subjects or grade level to answer some or post questions to start with. There are some points allotted to each member for free. To ask a question, you need to spend some points, and you can earn points by answering questions posted by others.

It will typically take ten minutes to answer a question. Do not worry; some experts and moderators are ready to help instantly whenever you post a question on any subject.

Brainly wants to ensure that each student gets personalized help and stays focused on their strengths to help others and bridge the learning gaps.

Adding more to its popularity, Brainly is also helpful to parents. It is an equipped schoolwork app that helps parents stay updated about their child and get a break from their brains. They can also keep an eye on their child’s educational progress.

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Exquisite Features of the Brainly App

Here are some exclusive features of brainly scan and solve, that can help the students overcome their homework challenges quickly.

top features of a brainly app
  • Pair up Students & Parental Accounts
  • Free Joining
  • Brainly Plus
  • No Ad Interruptions
  • Report Any Code Violations
  • Brainly Tutor/ Moderator

Cost to Develop an On-Demand App like Brainly?

There are multiple Brainly alternatives developed. But, the Brainly app inspires students and explores knowledge in a collaborative community of millions. Developing similar apps like Brainly on Android and iOS may cost you around $70,000 – $90,000.

App’s Available On!

Brainly app Download for Android and iOS devices now!

app of play store
App Store

Providing an excellent education to the students is all Brainly aims for. Collaborating and sharing lessons for free is the best way to embrace education.

If you have any idea of giving such educational help to the students and parents, connect with the education app development company. They can help you develop a cross-platform mobile app to fetch you lucrative profits.


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