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What is the Rover App All About? – An Overview

So, the digital age has finally arrived in the pet care industry with pet boarding apps like Rover.

Just imagine how you could find reliable dog walkers from a wide range of selections available? To solve your query, the Rover app came into action!

Firstly, it was conceptualized as “Airbnb for dogs”. The only aim of the Rover application is to connect the dog parents with the dog people – a person who would treat the dog like their own pet.

Besides dog walking, the app offers an array of services like house sitting, dog grooming, daycare, drop-in, and so on. The only reason it is popular among dog parents and sitters is its easy to use interface and high quality of services.

Moreover, the app is available in more than 34,000 cities and boasts over 200,000 sitters. Sounds lucrative, right? Want to build an on demand dog walking app like Rover? Let’s connect!

Screenshots of Dog Walking App like Rover

It is advisable to go through the UI/UX design of such dog sitting apps if you plan for such a startup. Have a look at the app interface of a Rover app.

Dog Walking App like Rover

How Does Rover App Work?

Whenever we get into a new app, we would be curious to know how the app works? So here is a brief on the working of the Rover mobile app.

Basically, to use this pet sitter app, you need to first enter your location. Then, add the service you’re looking for and mention the date & time for the same. For example, if you opt for dog walking or daycare service, you need to select an option from single visits, recurring or weekly service.

Adding more to it, the app will ask you a few general questions about your dog, like its age, weight, habits, and so on. Once you answer these questions, your request will be populated by the nearby dog walkers.

A list is showcased to you with the dog sitter’s profile and price range. Next, you can go through the reviews, brief biographies, and profile pictures of each professional caregiver. Finally, after peeping into every sort of detail, choose the one that is appropriate for your dog.

Rover App Work

Features of Rover App

features of rover app
  • Manual/Social Media Login
  • Feed Monitoring
  • Reminders
  • Chat with Sitter
  • Track the Walk
  • Digital Notes
  • Share Pictures While Dog Walking
  • Digital Payments
  • Appointments
  • E-prescription
  • Accept/Reject Request (Dog Walker)
  • Dog Sitter’s Profile & Record
  • Feedbacks & Ratings
  • Customer Support

Rover App Development Costs

Well, there cannot be a fixed cost to build a pet sitting app like Rover, as there are so many factors to consider while deciding the cost of app development. Again, the crucial point is the cost of app development varies based on the region of the software development company you hire. However, we’ve mentioned an average range of cost that you can expect to build an app like Rover – $20,000 to $50,000 (please note the cost may vary depending on your project requirements)

Apps Available On!

You can download the apps from the Play Store and App Store.

app of play store
app of app store

These days people always keep exploring the different apps that make their life easier. Developing a dog sitting app is one of the most lucrative startups one can think of. We have already built one such Veterinary Telemedicine app for vet & pet owners – Virtuwoof. Henceforth, our experts will help you to get the best possible solution for your app like Rover.


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