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How Is The Telegram App Useful?

Trust the Telegram App for your chats!

There is no doubt that these days people are addicted to chatting applications. The users like apps that keep them connected with people worldwide. They might quickly adopt a chat application that would serve them with more benefits!

Talking about Telegram, it’s just like another social networking app like Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. It allows you to share media and chat with multiple people at a time with an internet connection.

So now the vital question is, why would you use a Telegram application when you already have a similar application installed on your phone?

Basically, amongst all other applications, the telegram app has emerged to disrupt the market by standing on the fact that it is the most secure social networking app—people trust Telegram for storing all of your messages and photos on the cloud.

Most users even find this application excellent for sharing movies, series, or other large sized files. Also, the telegram application claims to be the multi-platform friendly app in the market.

Use this fantastic application on smartphones, tablets, computers, or laptops. Continue reading to understand how this app works.

Take a Quick Scan at the Telegram App’s Screenshot

If you are thinking about developing a social networking app like Telegram, then the app’s screenshots might help create a UI/UX design for your app.

screenshot of the telegram app

How Does the Telegram App Work?

Pure instant messaging & sharing — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices.

The first step, of course, is to download the application; we’ve provided you with the direct link in this article. Once you log in, browse through your friend list and start chatting.

It also offers you a ‘Secret Chat’ feature to secure your personal chats. The feature allows you to set self-destruct timers on media and messages that you share within the time frame of two seconds to one week.

One can even create group chats with up to 2,00,000 group members. It’s a perfect platform for hosting online conferences or coordinating teamwork.

Adding more to it, the Telegram app supports file attachments upto 2 GB in size. Whereas, no other social networking application allows you to share files more than 16 MB.

One of the critical features of the application is ‘Channels .’Yes, anyone can create or join these channels through the link. Telegram channels are a great way to increase one’s brand awareness or make profits from the ads.

So even developing a social media application can give you fringe benefits!

telegram app works

Top Features of the Telegram App

features of the telegram app
  • Secret Chats
  • Mute Groups & Contacts
  • Night Mode
  • Customize Chats
  • Switch Phone Numbers
  • Telegram Bots
  • Share Location
  • Connect with Proxy Server
  • Channels

Telegram Development Cost

It’s tough to give you the exact cost of developing a social networking app like Telegram, and the cost mainly depends on the features one wants to add or eliminate. However, the rough price would be around $90000 to $120000.

Telegram Apps for Android & iPhone!

Download the App!

app of play store
App Store

People are looking for apps that offer them much more than chatting options. An app like Telegram is a prime example of chatting and sharing data quickly.

So do you think of developing one such multi-platform friendly app?

Connect with our experts and fetch lucrative profits.


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