Real estate is one of the biggest industries, with a $9.6 trillion investment in 2019, making it one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Real estate firms worldwide do their best to provide a wide range of services to their clients —tenants and landlords with the help of technology and human resources.

With the rise of the rental market for low- and mid-priced housing, the demand for real estate app development has boomed in the last couple of years. The sudden spike in technology adoption is due to the growing number of tech-savvy people. Top real estate agencies, including Trulia,, Keller Williams, etc., have started offering online services.

While real estate and rental search apps like Zillow, Redfin,, etc., are already ruling the sector, Zumper is the latest entry on the bandwagon.

Zumper has grown up as one of the best apps to find an apartment for rent in the United States, with around 12 million monthly visits. The rental app has taken many by surprise, while many of its competitors keep digging into the secret of its success. So, if you are looking to build a real estate or home rental app for tenants and landlords, this article will help you understand all the nitty-gritty details of Zumper.

Zumper Rental Application — Taking the Stress Out of Renting

Founded back in 2012 by Anthemos Georgiades, Zumper has become one of the most successful startups to raise more than $143 million in funds. The app enables tenants to search for desired homes in the regions they wish to rent. Meanwhile, the app also provides landlords with a robust platform to find millions of their desired and trusted tenants.

No doubt, the app for renting houses, Zumper lags behind the top real estate applications in terms of revenue. But, money isn’t everything; millions of users use this app and get their purposes served.

While comparing Zumper with Zillow on an independent reviewing site, G2, we found some amazing worth sharing facts;

  • Reviewers on this site felt that the Zumper rental application is their preferred option in terms of quality services and ongoing product support.
  • They also said that “Zumper meets their needs of businesses better than Zillow.”
  • You can check the entire Zillow vs. Zumper comparison at G2.

What Makes Zumper the best Rental Search App —Top Features

Zumper is one of the top preferred options in terms of quality service and meets business needs. But, have you ever wondered what keeps the Zumper thriving —when you know this, you know its secrets of success. So, let’s reveal it.

A smartphone user has on average 80 applications on his/her phone but nearly 40 apps they use every month. The rest apps may be pre-installed by the smartphone vendor, or users have kept them for occasional use. So, as a realtor, you have to find a place in those 40 apps they use quite frequently. That means the app should be engaging enough to attract the users’ attention. Its features will play a key role in making the app engaging. Zumper did this smartly. Here’s how;

Features Based on Customer’s Pain Points

Zumper worked on the issues that customers across the United States were facing while using rental search apps. And, you will find that the app has all the features that solve customers’ issues effectively. And, most importantly, it is continuously evolving, coming up with new features that provide ease of operating the app. Let’s explore;

Pain Point #1: Easy to find affordable housing for rent

Finding desired and affordable housing using an online renting app has been a major issue in the real estate market. Tenants wanted to find houses with good infrastructure with affordable pricing.

How does Zumper solve this issue: Zumper provides Advanced Search and Filtering features. The feature enables users to search for their desired houses, providing them with every single detail, including location, price, surrounding information, schools, crime level, etc., of the house.

Pain Point #2: Lack of effective communication

If users send any message to agents, they get a late reply or no response at all. That’s the second big issue in the real estate sector.

Zumper solves this issue: Zumper provides Chatbots that answer the most common questions of tenants and landlords. Besides, they effectively maintain communication between tenants, landlords, and agents using real-time chat options.

Pain Point #3: Fail to Stop Rental Fraud

Whether it is Zillow, Trulia,, or Redfin, they don’t seem to have stopped rental fraud completely. According to the Apartment List, 5.2 million Americans have been victim of rental fraud, while 43.1% of renters in the USA suspected rental listings as fraudulent.

How does Zumper solve this issue: Zumper has taken many initiatives to stop rental fraud. One of the major initiatives is that tenants and landlords both can leave reviews for each other.

Besides, the Zumper app is developed with strict rules, including background checks, credit reports, and security deposits. When tenants search for a home to rent, he/she has to submit all these reports before they connect with landlords.

Zumper Marketplace Business Model

Zumper rental application supports both landlord and renter. It’s on a mission to revolutionize renting by making it a seamless and stress-free experience for everyone. Ease of finding and renting homes/tenants makes Zumper the most profitable business in less time as compared to its competitors. Let’s explore how it serves and makes money.

  • Tenants make searches for a home with the jumper app
  • Renters/Tenants apply for rent in particular locations
  • Zumper asks the tenants for required details, such as, tenants’ information, renting history, credit report, etc.
  • Zumper shares the details with landlords
  • Landlords checks the tenants’ details and gives his confirmation to Zumper
  • Zumper connects both landlords and the tenants
  • Zumper Fess from renters for applications and landlords for listing property management

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Reasons You Should Develop a Zumper-Like Rental App

Did you know IT in Real Estate was estimated at US$ 7.7 Billion in 2020 while it is projected to reach US$ 15.8 Billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 10.7% ( 2020-2027) globally?

Technology is evolving and coming up with new scopes every day. The future of real estate is widely dependent on technology. Taking a stalk over the top technology trends in the real estate sector will keep you updated. So, the first reason you should have a real estate app is to have the edge over the weakness and agility against the strength of your competitors. Besides, having a real estate app will help you with the following benefits;

#1: Visibility

Images and signs have an effective impact on human brains. Every time a user unlocks his/her phone, your real estate app logo and brand name will appear on his/her screens. It will directly or indirectly (according to hypodermic needle theory) will boost your brand visibility.

#2: Market Opportunity

According to a report online, 5.64 million existing and 6.8 million new homes were sold in the US last year (2020).

Existing Home Sold in the United States from 2005 to 2022

Almost 90% of searches for homes, including rental houses, are done online. That means having a robust and scalable mobile app and website will leave an effective impact on your business.

#3: Create Loyalty

Why should people download your app? They need a reason. And, you need to provide them with value. Your rental app must have something special, worth exploring, and consuming. Once you have all these things loaded into your app, it will not just help you gain users’ attention and make it the best app for renting apartments but also earn users’ loyalty.

#4: Efficiency

Real estate apps ensure you connect with valid and reliable leads. This is so because when someone downloads your app and gives the time of their day and space of their precious smartphone, they are most likely to buy or sell things. Sending customized offers, promoting services, sending push notifications, and taking customers’ opinions become easy with an app.

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Things to Consider Before Building a Real Estate App Like Zumper

So, you are all determined to build and launch your real estate app? Building the best rental search app seems difficult at first glance, but it’s quite easy, especially when you follow the steps given below;

#1: Market Analysis

Anything without proper market analysis will result in indecision and inaction. Wouldn’t you like to know;

  • Who are you creating this app for?
  • What do they want to see in your app?
  • What problems are they facing with other similar apps?
  • How will you solve the issues?

Unless you go through these questions, you can’t expect to build an engaging app. The best way to find solutions for all these unsolved questions is to “research.”

Research your real estate market, research competitors, find out their strengths and weaknesses, and define your audience.

List some of the best real estate apps, like Redfin, Trulia,,, etc. Check out how these apps became popular and what separates them from one another. Now, deeply analyze these apps and figure out what these apps fail to provide to tech-savvy people —the pain points.

Now, you also need to think over the solution. It could be anything: it could be features, services, security, safety, usability, and so on. Make a list of solutions; it will help you when you build a rental search app.

#2: Brainstorm over App Concept

The success of your app will depend on how effectively it solves the problem. When it comes to real estate apps, you need to decide if you want to provide comprehensive services related to real estate or want to provide a particular one, for example, a rental service. If you are clear with your real estate business idea, the app will be based on that.

But, the thing you need to focus on is what separates your app from your competitors. This, undoubtedly, is not an easy part. But, this is where your market research will help you differentiate your app from others. All you need to do is ensure your app solves the issue that customers have with their current real estate apps.

#3: Consider Development Approach

Now the next step is to decide what development approach you want to go with. The development approach should be based on your budget and time. Each development approach comes with a unique set of benefits and challenges.

For example;

If you want to go with the budget optimization approach, you have two options to explore;

  • Hire Freelancers
  • Go with Clone Solutions

Hire freelancers: No doubt, hiring freelancers will be a cost-effective solution, but it will face some challenges. That means;

  • If you are tech-savvy
  • Understand the nitty-gritty of real estate app development
  • Efficient to manage a team working remotely with different time zones
  • Ready to delay your project

Then freelancers could be the option for you.

Clone Solutions: Clone app solutions are the best available option to save money and launch your project faster. Yes, you can get a clone app solution in a week of time, though it comes with a little risk-loaded.

For example, if your clone solution;

  • Fails to impress your target audiences
  • Doesn’t have all the required features
  • Has inferior and buggy UI/UX

Clone app solutions come with a limited set of features and predefined UI/UX. With limited flexibility to add custom features, designs, or others, it might create issues in the later stage.

Now, if you are financially equipped, have time to launch your app and want to provide the best app to find apartments for rent, you can choose to go with;

  • Custom app development

Custom app development: It’s a bit costly and time-consuming, but you get a robust solution that lasts longer and saves money in the long run. All you need to do is find the best real estate app development company and build a robust application.

#4: Think about Features You Need Rental Search App

The next most important part is deciding the features of your rental application. Take the help of your research and analysis to integrate the best set of features. However, there are some common features that you can consider integrating to your app. They include;

Tenants Panel: Landlords Panel: Admin Panel:
Onboarding | Sign Up Onboarding | Sign Up Dashboard
Search & Filter Add/Edit Home/Information User management
Location Price Listing database
Price range Address Complaint management
Rental types (condo, single, family home) Photos Real-time chat
Extra facilities (laundry, parking, a pool, a balcony, etc.) Monthly rent Notifications
Map Home size, number of rooms
Property in-depth information Property type
Reviews Owner/agent description
Real-time chat List of amenities
Contact us Check tenants details
Collect rent
Send invoices
Real-time chat
Contact us

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Zumper

Real estate app development cost varies depending on the two main factors. Such as;

  • The number of hours it takes to build a real estate app
  • The charges you pay per hour

A standard real estate app takes 600 to 700 hours, and if you are paying $50/hr, you may get your app for $30,000-$35,000. However, if the app is complex and takes more time, then the price will also increase.

Next, the cost will also vary depending on the development region and the development company.

For example, if you have partnered with an IT firm in the USA, UK, Canada, or other European countries, you may have to pay around $50,000 to $100,000 for a real estate app like Zumper.

However, you can cut the development cost down by 40-70% by outsourcing your project to an Asian country, like India, where you will get quality work at the lowest cost. For example, if you choose Excellent Webworld as your development partner, you will get cost-effective development services with guaranteed quality work that meets international standards.

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World’s population grows by leaps and bounds (83 million annually), creating a wide range of business opportunities in many fields. Real estate is one of them. If you are planning to build real estate applications or rental search apps, then it could be the best time to turn your idea into reality.

Indeed, 84% of people in the United States believe renting a home is more affordable than owning it. Why not take this opportunity and build a platform to serve the millions of people looking for affordable housing worldwide. Let us know if you have any questions or want to build an app for renting houses.

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