Start a Snow Removal Business
Game of Thrones is over, but winter is still coming (the actual one). And, your porches, lawn, curb, and streets will be covered with snow. The only tiresome thing about the winters is the trouble of cleaning out all the snow-covered locations. So, are you ready to make a ton of money from the upcoming winter?
Snow Plow App
Well, it turns out that there actually are several snow plowing applications available. So, you can now lie cozily on your couch and watch Netflix while a snow plowing specialist will do all the snow removal work for you.

The snow plowing business has been prevalent since half a century at least. However, with all the modern equipment and the power of the internet, the on-demand snow plowing app is not just limited to a certain section of the city.

This blog primarily focuses on explaining the complete process of starting a snow clearing services business. However, if you already own an on-demand snow plow and lawn maintenance service then you can skip directly to the part where we talk about digitizing your business with a mobile app.

How to Run a Successful Snow Plowing Business

Looking for a seasonal business that brings in decent revenue? Perhaps you don’t want to be bound to a boss or targets to pursue. If yes, then snow plowing business is the perfect seasonal startup that you are looking for.

The snow plowing industry is at present valued at a staggering $19 billion worldwide. Further, the amount feels a lot larger when we take into account how many countries actually face a snow problem. So, this means that the 19 billion we are talking about is only from the US, UK, and other cold countries around them.

If you are in the right location like Ottawa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York etc., and have applied the perfect strategy, then snow removal business can be a huge earning source for you.

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the things to take into account while starting a snow plow business in 2020.

Uber for Snow Removal – Best Profitable Business To Start in 2019 & 2020

Tips To Start Snow Plowing Business

1. Location of Your Snow Removal Business

Are your snow plowing services needed for the city or state? What if the place you decide to start your on-demand snow cleaning service doesn’t have much of a snowfall? These questions may seem very basic, but there have been several cases where businesses have failed just because of the wrong location that people chose.

2. Get the right license

Any business that you start has several regulations and licenses; the same goes for a snow plowing startup. Also, there are government bodies  that can help you out with these legalities. So, fill up their quick form and find the exact regulations, license requirements, and other information for your city.

3. Get Required Equipment, vehicles, materials, etc.

There is no snow plow business without the right equipment. So, you need to buy tow trucks or tractors equipped with plowing tools. Also, you’ll need other materials in like a snowblower, salt sprayer, salt, etc.

You’ll also need a snow removal app with a complete digital snow plow solutions. Here, the digital solutions would entice many products like Snow Plow Website, Snow Plow iOS & Android App for the customer, Snow Plow Driver iOS & Android App, Snow Removal Company Web Panel, and an all-access Admin Web Panel. Further, with the Super Admin Panel, you can manage all the business aspects, i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Snow Plow Driver, User, etc.

On-Demand App Development Startup Ideas

4. Always have a backup of vehicles, equipment, materials, etc.

It is possible that when you get an order for snow removal, your truck or any equipment won’t work. Therefore, at such a time you must have a backup for these vehicles or snow plow equipment.

You will be working for the customers that are mostly not in a very good mood because of all the problems they would be facing from the snow. So, giving them excuses for being late or improper work would only worsen their mood.

Once failed to come through on your services, you’ll never get a call from them again. So, make every job count by doing a fantastic snow removal job and sufficient backup for all your resources.

5. Advertisement is Must

There is an old saying in India, “the guy that advertises his berries, sells the most”. That is to say, you need to advertise your services in the localities you wish to serve. Also, you need to understand that it’s not the 90s anymore where just newspaper advertisements and hoardings will have cut it.

There is a whole another world out there, the digital world with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People most often choose to search for such Snowplowing solutions and companies on Google.

Snowplowing is such a service where people will always add the search term “near me”. For example, snow plowing companies near me, snow removal service near me, and snow clearance service near me. So make sure you rank for such searches on Google. For that, you need assistance from a very proficient marketing team.

6. Have an off-season plan (snowing is seasonal)

Snow plowing business is, (you must’ve guessed it) a seasonal business which only works in winters. So you can’t depend on this business model to earn you a year-long revenue. The ideal thought is to get a work that entails your pickup truck, like small furniture moving, etc.

What are the Benefits of Digitizing Your Uber for Snow Removal Business?

Snow may seem an irksome problem for the residents, but it is equivalent to white money falling from the sky for you. You are well aware of this fact and that’s the reason why you started a snow plow business.

But, now it’s time to increase your revenue and improve your operations by digitizing your entire snow plow business. You need to build a snow plow app where your customers can book your services instantly.

Here are a few benefits that you’ll be enjoying if you launch a snow plow app offering your snow removal services.

  • Provide a complete mobile experience to your clients, no hassle just place a requirement.
  • The app will give a analysis and report on your entire snow plow business.
  • You can outsource requirements to other snow plow drivers and earn from commissions.
  • Earn from advertisements shown on your app for other winter products and services.
  • Easily organize tasks and get efficient routes for working.
  • Manage invoicing and get paid faster by digital payment means.
  • Keep important business details organized and accessible at all times.

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Top Snow Plowing Apps

Most Popular Snow Plowing Apps

How Does a Snow Plow App Work?

1. A customer requests a plow using your snow removal app.
2. The request is made a job for the current day and placed in the job queue of the day.
3. A notification is sent out to all the snow removal service providers registered to your app within the range.
4. The Snow Plow Driver views the job queue using their personal driver app sorted by distance from the drivers’ current location.
5. The Snow Plow Driver taps on the job to see the details of the job and accept it.
6. Then the customer is sent the details of the snow removal service provider and their ETA for the job.
7. Provider reaches the location, clears the driveway and takes a photo using the app.
8. The customer is billed for the service and asked for the review of the work done.

What are the Features of a Snow Plowing Software Solution?

Admin Panel

  • Expand Report data
  • Reports
  • Manage Ratings & Reviews
  • Manage Payments
  • Support
  • View Users/Plower History
  • User Management
  • Services Manager
  • Snow Plower Managers

Snow Plower App Features

  • Register
  • Manage Availability in Calendar
  • Status Updation
  • Live Status Tracking
  • Accept/Reject Appointment
  • Customer Review
  • Start Appointment
  • View Payment Details

Customer App Features

  • Sign Up/Login
  • Request a Service
  • Profile Updation
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • View Requests History
  • Pay for Service
  • Select Snow Plowers
  • Schedule Request
  • Check Offers Availability
  • Confirm Service Booking Appointment
  • Get Payment Details
  • Cancel Booking
  • Give Feedback
  • Live Status of Serviceman

Go for Snow Plow Services as Your Next Business Startup

The snow plow software solution has made managing an entire snow removal business a piece of cake. So if you are thinking about starting a very lucrative seasonal business, then Snowplowing is the business for you.

But remember, you need to partner with an expert snow plow app development company that knows the business not just technologically but in every aspect. We provide the most elite snow plow software and app development services.

On-Demand Snow Removal Services