Learn how you can build a fishing app like Fishbrain. Start a lucrative app startup in the leisure fishing or commercial fishing space. Build your own fishing app and software or create a fishing website.

Fishing is much more than just about catching a fish. If you love angling, you know what I mean to say. Above all, Fishing is about the peace of the lake or river that you indulge the sport in. It’s about the time that you get to spend with yourself or your loved ones.

You’ll be going on fishing in the modern-day, so you must use some modern tools with your trusty Fenwick rod and salted baits. By modern-day tools, I mean your smartphone and smartwatch. Yes! The mighty smartphone can help you catch a fish too.

Fishbrain: The Ultimate Social App for Anglers

In 2022, the most popular fishing app was Fishbrain. If you plan to develop a fishing app, then Fishbrain is the app that you should learn from and beat. The Sweden-made Fishbrain mobile app is often called Facebook for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishbrain is a social network for sport fishing which has disclosed $13.5 million in Series B funding in the year 2017. The total estimated valuation of Fishbrain is about $119 million at present.

You too can launch and build a multi-million fishing app startup like Fishbrain. How will you start such a venture? That’s what we’ll be discussing in this blog.

How to Build an App like Fishbrain?

If you are a fishing enthusiast just like me, then you know that there are several technical terms and requirements to take into account which common people (who don’t fish but order it) don’t know about. Terms like Solunar forecast calendar, the calculation of nautical miles, different fishing knots, etc. are to be taken into account while making a fishing app or software.

First of all, you need to decide what will your fishing app do, or how will it help fishermen to catch more fish.

A. You can make a technical app that helps them chart the route according to the solunar fishing calendar.


B. Build a guide app that teaches them about different fishes, new ways to tie knots, choose the right bait, etc.


C. Create a social platform for Anglers to share pics and posts of their catch; something like Fishbrain.

Once you decide what type of fishing app you will build,you need an app development company that understands your app’s concept, your vision, the technicality of fishing and how to convert that into an astounding fishing app.

This section of the app market is still new and not many great fishing apps are built yet. So, it would be advisable that you get into this untapped market and make a name for yourself before the rush hour begins.

The fishing industry is a virgin market for mobile apps. The global fishing and seafood industry is worth $140 billion per year. If you decide to build a fishing app for commercial fishers you can become the Uber or Facebook of fishing industry.

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What are the Must-Have Features in Fishing Apps?

Anglers Network: Join The Local Fishing Community Or Connect With Anglers via a social fishing platform.

Coordinates of Water Bodies: The coordinates of where you can catch fish is vital. In an ideal app, you can mark and even name the spot that you’re fishing and recall next time you are out there.

Fishing Forecast: Stay informed about the weather forecast and optimal fishing conditions.

Fish Species: Choose what fish you’re trying to catch and learn how to catch it.

Gears Listing: Each fish and water body is different, so get an itinerary specific to your fishing location and style.

Weather Tracking: The app users can know the weather conditions from their earlier fishing trips to match stats and find the optimum time of the day (or night) to go fishing.

Tide Prediction: Seasoned fishermen and anglers know that besides the weather forecast, they also need to pay attention to the tide predictions for the day.

Lunar Phase: The moon’s phasing is known to affect the fishes’ location at a given time and the fishing conditions, so anglers should track it!

Picture Gallery: The app users can capture, store, and upload pictures of the fish that they catch to keep track of those memorable moments.

Insights: Analyze your fishing data like type and size of fish, an hour of the day, weather condition, etc. to gain valuable insight into your results and improve your fishing skills.

Offline Maps: Water can be deceptive, and there aren’t any “land” marks in the water to travel through water bodies. So your smartphone fishing app needs to have offline nautical charts (at least for the US) to reach the right location even with the lack of GPS.

Mark Favorite Fishing Locations: Earlier, we talked about how some apps let you mark the location of your catches. An ideal fishing app should allow you to add unlimited fishing locations (at least the paid version of the app).

Our experienced developers are ready to help you every step of the way to build an app like Fishbrain with the best features available.

The Technicality of Fishing & Using a Fishing App and Website

Fishing is a very natural sport or leisure activity in which we have to take a lot of external factors into account. If you are planning to develop a fishing app, then you should be aware of these factors and how to incorporate them in your fishing application.

Moon Phases Fishing App

The position of the moon (and also the sun) plays a vital role in where the fishes will be and how easily they can be caught. The fishes’ biological instincts react to these spae entities, and if the anglers know about these behaviors, they can fish better in any condition.

Building a lunar fishing app or at least integrating a solunar fishing calendar feature can be very helpful to anglers.

Tide Prediction

We’ve studied that tides of the sea and other water bodies depend on the moon, so this is an extension of the point mentioned above. The tide forecast of the day is also an important factor that anglers need to know before planning their fishing trip.

Barometric Pressure

Only seasoned fishers and anglers know how technical pro fishing is. Barometric pressure also plays a vital role in fishing. Low pressure may force the bait to hold deeper and become less active; this impacts the fishing in the middle and upper levels of the water column as well.

Rain Conditions

There are two special times in fishing that only a few anglers indulge into; night fishing and rain fishing. We talked a lot about the moon and lunar fishing in the above points, but rain also is an exciting time to fish.

So, the fishing app should also provide rain conditions of the day, for the ones avoiding and the once looking forward to fish in the rain.

Besides the log catches, the weather, solunar, rain condition, pressure, and tide information should be added automatically in the app for further analysis.

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Best Fishing Apps of 2022

top fishing apps

The next step would be to find out which are the best saltwater fishing application to have on your phone. More precisely, which types of fishing apps do anglers have on their phone. You can study these apps, what they do, their features, design, and way of working. Then you decide what features and goal will your fishing app serve.

Top Fishing Apps to have on Your Smartphone

  • Fishidy
  • Pro Angler
  • Navionics
  • FishHunter HD
  • Deeper Sonar
  • FishAngler
  • Fish Rules
  • Fish Track
  • Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time
  • iSolunar
  • Ikijime Tool
  • Fishing Knots Lite

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Fishing Apps with Wearables & IoT

One of the most common concern about using fishing apps while fishing is the worry of losing your phone in water or it getting splashed. That is why your smartphone fishing application should be compatible to smartwatch screens.

This way the anglers can make use of your fishing app without the fear of losing their smartphone. There are several other IoT devices and products that you can integrate with your app to give more advance features and experience to your users.

These IoT devices could be your fishing rod, a buoyancy sphere (that collects data under water), GoPro attached to your hat, etc. All these IoT devices can increase the fishing experience and serve the users more than any other fishing app that is out there. Reach out to an IoT development company to integrate IoT services in your fishing app.

Build a fishing app that seamlessly integrates wearables and IoT technology to enhance your fishing adventures.

Why Building a Fishing App or Website is a Good Idea?

If you have a passion for fishing, that right there is the perfect motivation to start a business in the fishing space. You know the fishing and angling sport inside out, so with the right mobile app development team that knows how to convert your knowledge into precise code and a practical application.

Fishing is one of the more prominent hobbies that people in the US and several other countries indulge in with their families and friends.

An app is only as good as the people or company that develops it. It will help if you have a team of app developers that understands your passion and also guide you through the development and business side of it.

If you have any more doubts about how you’ll start developing a fishing app or build fishing website, or what the budget and timeline would be; you can talk to our business experts and get the right guidance.

FAQs on Fishing Apps

1) How Much Does An App like Fishbrain Cost to Develop?

There are several factors to consider while calculating the budget of developing an app like Fishbrain. So there is no fixed amount, but the range could be as broad as $10k to $70k depending on the app features, integrations, and UI/UX complexity.

2) Which Are 4 Alternatives to The Fishbrain App?

  • Pro Angler
  • Fishidy
  • Deeper Smart Sonar
  • FishHunter HD
  • Fishbox

3) Which is The Best Place for Fishing App Development in The World?

It’s not about the location but the company that you choose for your fishing app development project. You can get equally talented development resources in the US, UK, or India. With Excellent Webworld, you can rest assure that you’ll get the best app development services.

4) Is There a Google Maps for Boating?

Google Maps can’t provide boat directions the same way it offers step-by-step navigation on land. That’s why unique fishing apps are required for such needs.

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