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Augmented reality (AR) technology, which produces a live view of a physical and real-world environment, has got considerable attention over the last few years. It has greatly impacted each sector of the life with several drastic and applicable experiments. Tech-savvies and augmented reality developers around the world are innovating ideas with augmented reality and individuals are going gaga over it.

Augmented reality is not a new term; the first augmented reality demonstration was in 1964 by Julie Martin. But the term came into limelight when the iOS technology company; Apple introduced ARKit and soon Google introduced ARCore.

Now, augmented reality has turned its way towards industrial sectors. Augmented Reality app developers are transforming the operations of several businesses with the ability of AR technology of real-time data display, equipment and machine control, remote viewing and many more.

According to Statista report, by 2020, the revenue from AR mobile applications is predicted to reach about 6218.23 million U.S. dollars worldwide.

Further, as per the TechCrunch report, AR and VR technology is predicted to hit $150 Billion, by 2020.

The new enterprise augmented reality fabricated of a group of systems, provides professionals across industries the guidance essential to accomplish tasks properly, efficiently, and consistently.

Likewise, the projector-based AR is leading into the manufacturing sector, with demonstrated technology that renders the highest results as compared to other forms of AR.

With such an immense experimentation AR is getting more prominent among the individuals and industries as well.

So, What Exactly Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality technology has the power to switch your surrounding into a digital environment. This can be done by placing virtual objects in the real time in the real world. Augmented reality content can be accessed through a mobile device such as Smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is scan the trigger image and a subsequent action will be created.

Augmented reality can be accessed from three types of devices

  • Mobile Devices Like Smartphones Or Tablets
  • Head Mounted Displays, Glasses, And Lenses
  • PC And Connected TV Players

Augmented reality has opened a wide range of opportunities in the third dimension, with an innovative and creative way of connecting with your target audience. The technology has impacted each industry with its unique approach to marketing and advertising.

The Impact of Augmented Reality on Industries:

1. Augmented Reality For Education

Education app development has reached a new level of engagement with technology. Augmented reality apps in education are serving a mind-boggling learning experience along with some interesting endless learning possibilities. students can learn complex subjects interactively, with the three-dimensional models created by the AR-apps.

The educators are well aware of the fact that students learn more deeply by interacting with a subject rather than mugging up the concepts and augmented reality for education serves this in the best form.

How You Can Integrate Augmented Reality In Your Teaching Methods

Build awareness

Explain to your students how augmented reality works and from the tie of introduction, you can see the enthusiasm in their eyes.

Make an app

To implement augmented reality in the classroom you need an app, the app will transform your 2D images to 3D.

Make Auras

All you need to do is make an aura that will be displayed in the augmented reality mobile application.


Show your students how they can access the app features and you are done. Integration is really easy all you need is to take a step forward.

Real Life Instances Of Augmented Reality Apps For Education

Flashcards app

This app is helpful to teach students about alphabets, shapes, and colors. Just point the camera of the device on the flashcard and a real dimension of the flashcard object will be in front of you.

Chromeville science

The science and technology app helps your students to make their own AR-Content. The students have to color the printed pages and when the camera will be pointed to the image a real dimension will be displayed.

Arloon Geometry

The augmented reality education app displays geometric shapes from different angles and also unfold their sides into flat figures.

2. Augmented Reality In Healthcare

Augmented reality app developers are transforming the Healthcare and medical sector from serving the real-time data and help is complex surgical processes to aftercare support and administration and supporting the doctors and trainees in daily practices and sessions.

The benefits of augmented reality in healthcare and wellbeing are enhancing the quality of care being offered to the patients.

How To Implement Augmented Reality In Healthcare

Veins location

With augmented reality, it is easier for a nurse to locate the veins through the scanner. A handheld scanner can be used to project over the skin and displays the veins. This technology has been in use on more than 10 million patients.


With the introduction of handy ultrasound machines, now is the time for AR-ultrasound machines. Now ultrasounds can be done anywhere at anytime by simply scanning the body part with a mobile device.


Today, in place of explaining long procedures of reacting methods of medications, you can demonstrate your patients how a certain medicine works on the body. A 3D model will showcase the process of medication in the app.


Augmented reality for healthcare is redefining the surgeries and operations with a three-dimensional reconstruction of organs or tumors. AR can help in reducing the surgery time, decreasing the risk and result improvement.

Real Life Instances Of Augmented Reality App Development For Healthcare


The app uses the camera display to show the simulation of a patient’s vision. The app displays the impact on AMD or Cataract on the eye of the patient.


The app is for visualizing the patinets about the dental issues they are facing using augmented reality, the dentists can show th eaffected area from the 3D view of the app.

Medsights Tech

Accurate 3-dimensional models of tumors are created with the Augmented reality software. it provides X-Ray views with no radiation exposure in the real time.

3. Augmented Reality In Retail

Serving better customer experience and more operational efficiencies augmented reality app developers are all set to transform the retail industry. Augmented reality for retail stores is beneficial for improving or personalizing the in-store experiences.

AR applications will help the customers to get detailed information about any products or in-store mapping just by hovering the camera of their Smartphone over the product or the store.

How You Can Integrate Augmented Reality In Retail Stores


You can display product list to your customers with different features and customizations, even for the products which are not available in the store. For example, you can display different color options of a dress while you are having a single display piece at your place.


Integrating augmented reality in your online store will help your customers to decide how a certain product will look in real time. For example, your customers will check whether the carpet will match the wall colors or not just by point the camera towards the floor.

On print

You can make your brochures interactive with AR-Based brochures and catalogs. Whenever your customers will point the camera towards the printed catalog a three-dimensional structure of your product will be displayed to them.

Real Life Instances Of Augmented Reality Apps For Retail


The printed catalog serves as the AR medium and whenever the customer hovers the camera on the catalog a three-dimensional image of the furniture appears.

Uniqlo’s Magic Mirror

The store has a unique mirror installed which displays the dress a person is wearing with different color variations and designs.


Lowes app serves virtual tape which helps the users to take the accurate measurements of the area they want to furnish.

4. Augmented Reality In Automotive Industry

Augmented reality in the automotive industry is serving the best ever customer experience straight out of a sci-fi movie. Bringing the physical world into the digital world is the new thing and augmented reality is serving it for the automotive management solutions.

From visualizing the designs to employee training, augmented reality is transforming the automotive industry.

How You Can Integrate Augmented Reality In Automotive Industry

Assistance In Designing

Gone are the days of clay models, this is the era of three-dimensional design. With augmented reality for automotive apps, you can design the vehicle in different formats and share the model with other designers in real time as well.

Display Car Features

You can showcase your car features in the real-time just within the app. With augmented reality for automotive industry app, it is easier to demonstrate the features of a vehicle in real time with the third dimension.

Virtual Testdrive

Now your customers can drive the vehicle without entering the vehicle. The users can even see outside the car window with the perspective of the car, serving the full-blown real life experience to the customers.

Car Variants

Augmented reality can even save space in your showroom, you can have a single model of a car and you can display all the variants of the car like the color combinations, external designs and look etc through the app.

Real Life Instances Of Augmented Reality Apps For Automotive

Audi A3 HK

The app displays the latest model of Audi A3 in which the user can customize almost every part (colors, rims, accessories etc).

Golf Cabriolet

The app provides 360, 3-D view of the car. The user can rotate it, change the color, click a picture with the car and even download the brochure.

Toyota 86 AR

A user can drive the car in real-time just through the app, make turns, learn about the features and test his driving skills.

5. Augmented Reality For Travel Industry

Augmented reality Travel apps are transforming the traveler’s experience to a new level. With better digital enhancements, tourists have to just point the camera and they can access the information of any place, directions to follow and even the translations.

Augmented reality apps for travel app development will be the ultimate travel partner in a different country between unknown faces and languages.

How You Can Integrate Augmented Reality For Travel Industry

Virtual hotel rooms

Augmented reality apps for travel and tourism will serve you a virtual tour of your hotel and even in your room. You can check out the amenities, types of rooms and the location of your hotel room from one augmented reality application for travels.

Access to information

The app will help you to access all the information about any place, any monument or any area just like a guide. Whenever a user will point a camera towards a monument the app will tell everything related to it.

Real-time navigation

Want to travel a city, but worried about the directions? With augmented reality, you can get navigations with digital elements like arrows and helpful information. Enter your destination and follow your Smartphone’s camera.

Easy translation

Translations are simple and effective with augmented reality now. Instead of typing words in Google translator, you can simply hover your camera on the printed brochures, menus or even the signs and their translation will be displayed.

Real Life Instances Of Augmented Reality Travel App Development


The app works on worlds, you have to select your world and then all the places related to your world will appear on the screen. For example; you have selected Irish Pubs world, all the Irish pubs in your way will be displayed.

Etips City Guides

The app provides all the nearby hotspots with a GPS-enabled mobile screen with a camera view. The app covers almost 131 cities worldwide and is expanding rapidly. Even if you are not connected to the internet all the content will be available online.


This is a restaurant recommendation app which displays all the restaurants, cafes, eateries in the camera view. The data is accompanied by user reviews, the twitter profile and Facebook profile of the restaurant.

6. Augmented Reality For Food And Beverage

Augmented reality for the food and beverage Industry is introducing a new approach to attract customers, advertise products, and brand promotion. Restaurants, café, food chains, and even the food manufacturers are utilizing augmented reality for the sake of their customers.

How food and beverage industry can levarge augmented reality

Product Information

Your customers can scan the product from the camera and all the information related to that product will apprear on the screen like: calory count, price, nutrient information and even the actual packaging date.

Recipes And 3D Menus

A simple camera hover will provide the recipe of the dish you are eating. Even the customers can scan te menu and a 3D image of the dishes will appear on the screen to help the customers realize what exactly the dish includes.

Product Promotion

With interactive and 3D brochures, you can promote your products and your brands. You can provide interactive promotion games to your customers, which they can play while their order is getting ready in the kitchen.

The best Augmented reality app for Food & Beverage


The app provides 3D lifelike models of the restaurant menu. In place of a menu card the staff gives the customers a tab from which they will scan the plate and menu will appear on the screen users can see a 3D view of how a dish looks and its ingredients.


Yeppar app will help you to decide what to eat by providing the calorie count of the food, offers on the menu, and 3D menu card.

7. Augmented reality for Entertainment Industry

Augmented reality has the power to evolve the entertainment industry to a new level. With a new perception of movies, gaming, and advertising, augmented reality is making entertainment more exciting. People love to watch their favorite character alive.

The Sectors Of Augmented Reality For Entertainment


With the introduction of PokemonGo; Augmented Reality app developers are totally transformed the gaming industry. With a much closer interaction with the reality; augmented reality games are winning the hearts of gamers and are growing at a rapid pace.

Music videos

Augmented reality has the power to bring the artist to perform your favorite category directly in front of you when viewed through the Smartphone. Even the lyrical videos can be displayed as lyrics floating in the surroundings.


For motion pictures, media promotional campaigns and televisions; augmented reality is serving a new perspective in the marketing field. With interactive brochures and live videos, marketing has become much easier.

Real Life Instances Of Augmented Reality App for Entertainment Industry

Dance Reality

The Dance reality app is for learning dance with interactive steps by step guide. All you have to do is place your feet on the steps and follow them.


This Augmented reality game doesn’t need any introduction, we all are aware of the augmented surroundings, it provides to catch the Pokemon in real-time.


The mobile app provides AR GIFs and Stickers in the 3D world. The users can create a video of the Stickers and GIFs and share them with their friends.

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