About The Project

My Lung is an app created as an initiative to help people fight against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

These are diseases that (as the app’s name) suggests, affect the lungs. The client wanted to create an app that didn’t just inform the users about the risks of COPD but how to prevent them, and help the users who already suffer from it to reduce the effects of COPD.

We suggested a few additional app features which would make this app a complete COPD help package.




Mobile development,UI/UX Design



Healthcare Colours Typography

App Features

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Blogs on COPD
  • Push Notification
  • Outdoor Pollution Meter
  • Oximeter Monitoring
  • Motivational Messages to Reduce COPD
Healthcare App Features
what we made

What We Made?

The client wanted the app to reach the most number of users, but he didn’t have enough budget to create two separate apps for Android and iOS.

We offered the perfect solution that the client was looking for. We developed a hybrid app with a single codebase for both the platforms.

This way, we made the app in a limited budget on Codeigniter and Ionic framework, while still staying true to the highest standards of app development.

How We Made?

The developers at Excellent Webworld are well versed with the IoT devices, and that is the reason why the client chose us.

We made the app compatible with pulse oximeter so that the heartbeat reading can be used to determine the physical state of the user.

We offered the client a large variety of options to connect the app with the oximeter with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and Cloud. For this particular project, we concluded that Bluetooth technology was the right choice.

How we made
what more we added

What More We Added?

We later also made modifications in the app so that it collects the atmosphere data of the place from where the user logs in the app.

This way, the app can notify the users about the outdoor climate and advise if going out is safe or not. This modification suggested by our project coordinator, the client loved the idea and was instantly ready to go for an app update version 2.

Explore The App

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

The app designers concentrated on the app color scheme and its effect on the psychology of the user. We made sure to use such colors and designs that created a peaceful viewing experience for the user, which in turn calmed the breathing of the user.

Education Module Screen

We divided the education module into essential sections, and the screen was designed such that the user can go straight to any section from there.

Education Module
Learning About COPD

Learning About COPD

We developed this app section so that the users can easily understand all the necessary information on COPD. This way, the users can quickly learn in detail about the cause, symptoms, and types of COPD.

Blog Section Screen

The app hosts a blog forum where the app users can read various useful articles about COPD and how to live with the ailment. Medical professionals write blogs for the app.

Blog Section Screen
Oximeter Connectivity

Oximeter Connectivity Screen

The user can check their body vitals with an oximeter, and by connecting the device via Bluetooth, they can read the stats on the app.

Oximeter Reading Screen

Get a live reading of the oximeter stats in the My Lung app. The user can also add additional notes to the reading and save results in the app.

oximeter readin

Thinking About Creating Your Own Healthcare Based Mobile App?

My Lung is just one of the several successful examples in healthcare and medical apps. You can create a fitness and healthcare application that works on its own or an app that connects to various medical devices like oximeter, fitness bands, etc. Talk to our IoT experts to understand how your app can also integrate device accessibility with such medical devices.

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