Refurbishing Transportation Services AS Per Client’s Need

Logistics companies’ day-to-day operations include a lot of different tasks that sometimes become tricky to handle. Something similar was the concern of one of our clients – Martinho Maquina from Angola.

The client found us on Clutch and then connected us to bring his business idea into action. Basically, he was looking for an off-the-shelf digital solution that easily connects shippers to the drivers. The client’s core intention was to pioneer the logistics operations platform for combining loads to the drivers. Besides that, the client is determined to build a platform wherein he can keep an eye on his business’s daily activities.

After performing the complete analysis of the client’s requirements, our team even came up with a few suggestions that could make this logistic platform more interesting. And that’s how ConnectKargo came into the frame.




Mobile development, UI/UX Design,
Website development



What Was Our Role? – The Results

The team was so excited to work on the project. As a first and foremost step, our BA reviewed the project’s whole scope and explained the same to the developers.

Based on the client’s needs, we have built four on-demand transportation apps (Android & iOS for Shippers and Drivers), an admin panel, and an informative website. Every phase of creating a platform, right from analysis to wireframing, design, development, and testing, was followed by the team. To put it short, the complete trucking solution was built by us.

The UI/UX designers have emphasized app and website designs to make the application interesting and easy to navigate. Be it about choosing appealing color combinations, placing highlighted texts, or various elements, the designers have covered the whole nine yards.

Adding more to it, we created an alluring admin dashboard through which the owner can check out the daily activities of their business. Be it about the number of shipments, a newly registered driver/shipper, or revenue analysis. Everything was made available in admin dashboard.

Peak Features For Unparalleled User Experience

Features are the heartbeat for the success of any website or application. Get into the piles of features that we developed for ConnectKargo. The below-given features make ConnectKargo the best fleet management system

Driver App

  • Registration/Login
  • Request Notifications
  • View Sipper’s Profile
  • Live Track Shipper’s Location
  • Fare Estimation of Shipment
  • History of Shipment
  • Profile Management

Shippers App

  • Sign up
  • Login
  • Adding Shipment Details
  • Get Fare Estimate
  • Book Now/ Schedule Ride
  • Live Tracking
  • Notifications
  • Payment Options
  • Job Completion Status Request
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • History of Shipment
  • Profile Management

Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Shippers
  • Manage Drivers
  • Notifications
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Database Backup

Extra Efforts Put By Our Developers (Challenges & Solutions)

Developing the entire on-demand trucking system without any complications is like once in a blue moon. There were a few challenges faced by our developers while working on this fleet management system.


The primary thing was everything was ready on the paper, but how to bring it to the execution. There was a lot of tiny information to keep in mind while developing the website and application. Though, our experts discovered a way to make the development process consistent.


We saw a few issues while building the live tracking feature. The motion of the object in live tracking was running quite behind than actual position. However, the developers came up with a solution through a real-time route map. It shows the actual position of the driver.


Another challenge was regarding the logo of this transportation app. The client desired to have an appealing and expressive logo that draws the attention of the users. The designers worked dedicatedly to be on the crest of a wave.

Peep Into the Transport App Designs Through Screenshot

You must glance at the screenshot of each cargo app to get a better idea of how we brought this idea to life.

colors typography

Technology Stack

teck stack

So, are you looking for equivalent on-demand transportation solutions?