Current IoT-enabled smart living Solutions for a Smarter Tomorrow

By the end of this blog, you will have complete knowledge of the smart living products, smart devices, and a complete smart life approach.

But first, we need to understand what actually is the meaning of “smart” in this latest trend. You must have heard a lot about the Internet of Things — IoT for short. Well, smart devices are an extension of this technology.

When talking about IoT App Development; most people get their minds around Smart Home technology. Which helps you to remotely lock your door and access your home’s security cameras from your Smartphone? Moreover; it can even regulate the temperature when you’re not home.

What is The Future of Smart Living & IoT?

If you are wondering how the importance of IoT in daily life will shape the smart living future, then we have some cool statistics for you.

  • By the end of 2025; there will be around 50 billion IoT devices around the globe.
  • IoT technology is going to have an investment of $6.2 trillion; healthcare ($2.5 trillion) and manufacturing ($2.3 trillion).
  • Connected cars are going to rise from 10 % to 90% by the end of 2020.
  • About 94% of the businesses have integrated IoT and seen a good return on their IoT investments.

Understanding large-scale IoT projects like smart city, smart agriculture farms, smart building, and smart office automation are often quite complicated. In this post, we’ll help you to understand 2020’s most influential smart living solutions. So let’s check out what are some most popular smart living trends to watch out for in 2020?

Keep reading to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

Smart City Technologies & Solutions

Smart City IoT

According to Statista report, in 2020, the global smart city spending will reach 34.35 billion U.S. dollars.

Some smart cities have already started using smart waste management bins that are, in reality, IoT devices that send information about the amount of garbage in it. Hence; it will be easy to schedule pickups of the garbage without the overflow of bins.

What is meant by a smart city regarding the Internet of Things?

In cases of natural or man-made calamities, IoT automation can help a lot in rescue operations by giving invaluable information about people stuck in any given space. Giving rescue buttons on these IoT enabled smart products can also help in reducing crime rates as quick response teams can reach the location before any mishaps.

If you wish to learn more about how and what is a smart city made up of and how you can launch a lot enabled smart product business, you can talk to our smart living experts.

Smart Energy Monitoring and Management System

Smart Energy Systems

Smart energy monitoring system and devices will help both commercial buildings and households to monitor their real time energy usage efficiently. IoT based Smart Metering solution will help households and commercial buildings to monitor their overall energy consumption.

Smart street lighting system powered by cost-effective and energy-efficient LED lights will help cities lower their environmental impact. Thanks to smart grid technology, city officials will also be able to provide faster disaster recovery to residents.

Connected cars with 5G

5G Driverless Cars

5G is going to be the ultimate answer for all the telecom queries for the next couple of years. The fifth generation of wireless mobile communications with smart IoT technologies is going to have a major impact on communication as well as the automotive industry.

Significant data like rain gauges and speed, external cameras, and GPS locations can be collected from multiple sensors. Autonomous vehicles are going to witness next level transformation with no steering wheels in the self-driving cars.

The travelers will get all the information on the screen in the car, and they will get notified when other passengers and exiting the vehicle or the doors are opening. With 5G; Driver-less cars are going to have the fifth level of automation.

Here are the five levels of Self-driving cars:

  • Zero: Automation.
  • One: Assisting features for drivers.
  • Two: Accelerating and steering handled by car, the presence of driver required.
  • Three: On safe road conditions and under 37 mph the car can drive by itself, but the driver is still needed.
  • Four: Within a well-mapped area car can drive completely by itself, without any presence or assistance of a driver.
  • Five: Autonomous driving over any terrain, any kind of road car can drive completely by itself. No need for a driver.

Wearable Technology & Devices


If we are talking smart living, then the list can’t be complete without talking about smart wearables. With meta-data monitoring, bidirectional data streaming, and event signals; connected devices are reshaping the connection between mobile apps and servers.

The integration of IoT signals for actions of the devices and trigger events based on proximity will be smoother than ever. The bandwidth usage for monitoring and controlling devices remotely is soon going to overcome with the protocol-independent approach.

Wearable app development with IoT are going to be the new fashion trend with smart clothes, medical wearables, and smart wrist wears.

These examples of smart wearable technology and IoT explain why they are the perfect answer to smart living trends for 2022:

  • The mobility band for blind people to navigate by Toyota.
  • Connected insoles for Navigation without a screen.
  • Glucose monitoring by Medtronic GUARDIAN.

These 3 examples are just a very small glimpse of all the incredible feats achieved to date by smart devices and IoT technology.

Smart Mirrors Technology Solution

Smart Mirrors

The smart mirror is a personal favorite on this list. These beautiful, futuristic products are amazingly beneficial for various businesses and are growing rapidly. Presently they are mainly used in smart homes, automotive, retail stores, and the healthcare sector.

With smart rearview mirrors; the automotive industry is witnessing an increase in the safety of the riders. The drivers can check the traffic conditions, blind spots, and other information from the mirror.

Smart mirrors are soon going to eliminate the need for physical fitting rooms in the retail stores. Consumers can have a live view of the dress they are going to buy without even trying them on. Prototypes are already working beautifully, and these mirrors have started to show up at many super malls and stores.

Smart Retail IoT Solutions

Smart Store Analysis

Major retailers like Walmart have already started using Machine Learning and IoT technology. The introduction of IoT will improve the customer experience and increase their sales — both eCommerce store as well as brick & mortar store.

Some exceptional stores provide services where you can place an order of your desired items, and the machines will collect the products from all across the aisles. As a result; your shopping bag will be ready even before you arrive at the store and you just need to pay the price and receive your package.

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What Does Smart Living Industry Have in Store for 2022?

Now that you know which are the best bet in the smart living industry vertical; you must be thinking about how these technologies can benefit your business and daily life.

Big Data, IoT and Cloud application development services will only continue to grow over the years. To avoid being left behind, it’s important that you work with the best smart living companies who can help you to stay one step ahead of trending technologies.

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