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Stockholm, Sweden

Book Reading Apps like Storytel

An Overview of Book Reading Apps like Storytel

If you can’t read it, you can hear it. On the go!

That’s what Storytel believes in.

It is one of the best apps to read books for free. This Swedish audiobook service is launched in different parts of the world.

Storytel is accepted by most of the regions as it reckons the rich traditions of the specific place. It is a prime thing that attract the user of the Storytel app.

You can seamlessly read or hear your favorite story or novel via this book reading app.

Besides, you can choose your favorites from a wide range of categories such as economy & finance, poetry, spiritual, personal development, fiction, non-fiction, crime, romance, history, and so on.

Therefore, whether you’re stuck somewhere, cooking, waiting, or travelling, this book makes sure to be with you anywhere and anytime. Also, for many readers, it’s really exciting that their favorite author is reading books to them.

In fact, if you’re looking for a startup in this domain, then you must plan to create or build an app like Storytel. Have a word with us for more details!

How Does Storytel App Work?

So, we’ve reached the most popular part of this article. The working of the online Storytel application.

Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

The working goes as you need to signup/login via the Storytel app or website as per your convenience.

Here you’ve two options: either to go for free reading or buy a subscription. With a subscription, you can get access to all the prime features and books of the application.

Now you’re ready to explore Storytel. There is an option to either stream online or download. Another option is to switch between reading and hearing anywhere in the book.

All of the above, follow your favorite authors and series to get the latest updates about them. Storytel even lets you discover what is going on in the cultures of different parts of the world. It’s amazing that you can explore a lot of things via one app.

Wait, one more thing about this amazing eBook app – it enables you to see your stats and set a listening goal. Adding more to this, you can also enable dark mode for convenient reading.

How Does Storytel App Work

ScreenShots of the Storytel App

Not only in terms of features, but Storytel comes with an alluring UI/UX design. Check out the below given screenshots.

ScreenShots of the Storytel App

Feature of Storytel App

Here is a list of the stunning features of the Storytel app.

Feature of Storytel App
  • Login/Signup
  • Kids Mode
  • Read Offline
  • Set Listening Goal
  • Review and Comment
  • Add to Favorites
  • Save Book or Audio
  • Check Status
  • Set Bookmarks
  • Dark Mode

Checkout What Excellent Webworld Likes Most About Storytel app

Most of us are always eager to know about the best thing about the apps or what makes them popular. Here, we’ve discovered some amazing aspects of the Storytel app.

Kids Icon

Kids Mode

We always wish to give the best knowledge to our children. And, keeping that in mind, Storytel has come up with an amazing feature called Kids Mode. Here, you can set kids mode and showcase your child the best books. Also, you can hide some books that you want to avoid from kids. Storytel lets you set Pincode for the books you hide.

Time Speed Icon

Listen At Your Own Pace

Everyone needs a different speed for listening to the content. That’s why Storytel lets you set the speed of the auto-reading feature according to the pace you are comfortable with. Listen at regular speed or speed up or slow down. We must say that it is one of the best features of the Storytel app.

What is the Cost of Developing an App Like Storytel

If you’re planning to build an app like Storytel, then it is a really good app idea. However, a reliable app development cost may vary from app to app based on its requirements. We cannot give you the exact cost of your app development, though we have shared a cost range here. The cost range lies from $13000 to $70000 based on your app requirements.

Storytel App Available For Download On!

Seamlessly download the Storytel app from the below-given platforms.

app of play store
App Store

Have you thought about developing a similar app to Storytel? If yes, then you must get in touch with Excellent Webworld. We’re one of the most reliable mobile app development companies across the globe with extensive experience in various industry niches.


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FAQs About Storytel App

According to us, Storytel is one of the best audiobooks to use in today’s time. It comes with unlimited features to ease your reading. Know more about Storytel in our app of the week column.

Storytel enables you with two options either to read or listen to the audio. In fact, you can even adjust the speed and pace of the audio according to your convenience.

Some of the best audiobook apps are Storytel and Audible apps. However, Storytel wins the race in terms of features.