Do You Have These Awesome Photo Editing Apps On Your Phone?

If you’re looking to develop your own photo editing app for your iPhone, it’s important to take inspiration from some of the best mobile photography apps out there. Whether you use an iPhone or Android smartphone, you want your pictures to be fabulous, and that’s where professional iPhone app development services can help. To create a successful photo editing app, you’ll need to consider factors such as user interface, functionality, and performance. By studying the top mobile photography apps and working with a team of experienced developers, you can create an app that stands out from the competition and provides users with the editing tools they need to create fabulous photos.

Remember when you had to drop off the film from your camera and wait a few days to get it developed? Those days are long gone!

It’s the 21st century my dear amigo! You need to upgrade, not just from those old film cameras but also the boring pre-installed camera apps on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Built-in cameras with high-definition image results have become a usual thing for smartphones. But they are not that good at editing your perfectly captured memories. The new best picture editing app for Android and iPhone is redefining the buzzword “Mobile Photography”.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, some cool free photo edit apps have hit the market in 2022. So read now and snap some amazing pictures.

15 Best Photo Editor Apps for iPhone & Android Smartphones

Photo sharing and free easy photo editors apps like Instagram and Snapchat are introduced to the rescue. They may be the best picture-sharing medium but certainly not the advanced online photo editor. So how do you make those pictures perfect before uploading them on these apps?

Here are some professional photo editing apps that would do the trick

1. Best iPhone Photo Editor Apps & Software


1. Acorn 7

Price: Paid ($39.99)

This Pro Photo editing software is for the iPhone Platform.

You can do anything with Acorn; add text or shapes to your images, blend multiple pictures or create unique photo collages. Try layers to enhance your favorite pic or go for something built entirely from scratch. Everything is possible with Acorn.

Best Features of Acorn 7

  • Enhanced Clone Tool
  • Blending Modes
  • Curves and Levels
  • Layer Styles
  • Non-Destructive Filters
  • Batch Image Editing
enlight photofox

2. Enlight Photofox

Price: FREE with In-App Purchases Option

This feature-rich apple photos app is for the iOS Platform.

This Popular iPhone Photography app is the winner of Apple’s design award and for all the right reasons. The best-known photo effect is the double exposure, blending more than one image into each other. The free version only allows you to use two layers at once, but with the paid version, you can add as many layers as you want.

Best Features of Enlight Photofox

  • 16-Bit Image Depth Support
  • New Packs Designed Frequently
  • Raw Support
  • Create Double Exposure
  • Photos Are Auto-Saved
  • Adjust Blending Modes

3. Litely

Price: Free with In-App Purchases Option

The Best New Photo-Filtering Application For iOS

Are you a fan of creating bold, film-inspired images?

Thanks to the Litely app, your photos can instantly be highlighted with subtle tones, and various presets geared for Lightroom, Photoshop, and iPhone.

Best Features of Litely

  • Gyroscope Support For Panoramic Photos
  • Smart Adjustments In Exposure
  • 66 Additional Presets
  • Custom Vignetting
  • Two-Finger Tap For Before & After
  • Non-Destructive Editing

2. Best Android Photo Editing Apps for Android Smartphones

Google Camera

4. Google Camera

Price: Free

This Powerful Camera App is for Android platforms.

Google has created a masterpiece with this mobile photography application. It is the perfect application to capture pictures even in low light. Your videos will not be a shaky mess thanks to Google camera’s in-app video stabilization.

Best image editing Features of Google Camera

  • Photo Sphere
  • Slow Motion
  • Video Stabilization
  • Selfie Flash
  • Smart Burst
  • Take Pictures using HDR+
Camera fv 5

5. Camera FV-5

Price: Paid App (with a Free Lite Version)

This picture editing app is for Android platforms.

Camera FV-5 provides the app user with full control over ISO, light-metering focus, white balance, and shutter speed, bringing nearly all DSLR manual photography controls to an Android smartphone. Although it carries the complex features of a DSLR to an Android device, the application has a very intuitive interface that is very easy to handle.

It’s one of the best professional camera applications for Android platforms.

Top Features of Camera FV-5

  • User Interface In 30+ Languages
  • Camera Functions To Volume Keys
  • DSLR-Like Viewfinder Display
  • Digital Zoom With a Gesture
  • Speed-Priority Modes
  • Long exposure support
A Better Camera

6. A Better Camera

Price: Paid App (with a Free Lite Version)

This unique Photo Editing App is for Android platforms.

An all-purpose camera application that is in every way “A Better Camera” than most photo editor apps. It’s one of the good photo editing apps for Android. This application brings in all the advanced camera functions from every major camera app into a single one. Features like HDR, HD panorama, multishot, and night camera in a single application make this a must-have app.

Best Pic editing Features of A Better Camera

  • Night Mode
  • Burst and Expo-bracketing
  • Multishot
  • Panorama: Up to 360 Degrees to 100 MPix
  • Time Lapse

3.  Best 9 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android Both Store available 


7. PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

Price: Free App (with in-app purchases)

It is one of the #1 best photo editors and pic collage makers on mobile.

Are you interested in turning your photo into a work of art?

PicsArt lets Smartphone users create amazing works of photo art with over 400+ editing tools.

Offering daily photo editing challenges and a community of over 85 million active users, this is one of the big photo editing apps check out.

Top Photography & editing Features of PicsArt

  • Huge Selection For Filter Effects
  • Effects Curve Adjustments
  • Create Unique Collages
  • Cloning And Perspective Tools
  • Share Images With Fellow Picsart Users
  • Several Options For Frames, Stickers, Masks, Etc

8. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Price: Free App

This Cool Editing App For Pictures is available for iPhone and Android.

With a Photoshop’esque design experience, this photo app allows users to create, layer, and transform images into beautiful pieces of art. Available app options include Free Photo Editor and Pixlr Express, both of which provide free graphics and free fonts to create the perfect picture.

Best Photo Editor Features of Pixlr

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Supports Localized Adjustments
  • One-Touch ‘Auto Fix’ Feature
  • Tools To Add Frames, Text And Stickers
  • Superb Brush Tools
  • Several Filter Effects

9. Facetune – Selfie Photo Editor for Perfect Selfies

Price: Paid App (with a free Advertisement Version)

This amazing fun and powerful portrait & selfie photo editor application for iPhone and Android

Are you a selfie fanatic? This app is for you!

A staggering 68% of adults edit their selfies. With built-in features that allow you to tweak your features, brighten your teeth, and create the perfect lighting – FaceTune is every selfie connoisseur’s dream!

What can Facetune do for you?

  • Color Your Hair
  • In-App Bokeh Effect
  • Enlarge Or Shrink Regions
  • Background Eraser
  • Vivid Makeup Effects
  • Reshape Face Features

10. PicMonkey Photo Editor: Design, Touch Up, Filters

Price: Free App

This quirky Photo Editing App is for iPhone and Android.

Another iPhone/Android fan favorite is PicMonkey. With options to edit, touch up, design, and collage your photos – this application offers a multitude of picture editing features that can match any vision or design.

With the PicMonkey app, you can

  • Unique Graphic Stickers
  • Touch Up Portraits & Makeup Tools
  • Winter And Holiday Graphics
  • Background Eraser Tool
  • Light Leak effects
  • Draw, erase, and adjust transparency

11. FaceSwap Live

Price: Paid App ( $1.49 )

This funny Camera App is for iPhone and Android.

Ever dream of making your face become a tiger or Donald Trump?

This iPhone/Android app instantly contorts your face to that of another face in live time. Within seconds, you can become someone else or something else. easily Record videos and swap photos of your faces with a celebrity, friend or any funny pictures.

Best Features of FaceSwap Live

  • Record Videos Or Photos
  • 3d effects
  • Switch Faces With a Friend Live
  • Face Swap With Any Picture From The Internet
  • New effects for the Holidays!
  • Interactive Face Warping!


Price: Paid App ( $0.99)

This entertaining best photoshop app for iPhone and Android.

Maybe the most entertaining example of 2020’s funny photo editor application is FACEinHOLE.

Not only can you swap your face into another image, but you can choose a scenario, background, or situation. You can even make an ad campaign using any picture from your phone.

What can FACEinHOLE do for you?

  • Create Still Or Moving Cards
  • More Than 150,000 Available Scenarios
  • Record Your Own Videos
Photoshop Express

13. Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

Price: Free App (With In-App Purchases)

This elegant Photo Editing App is for iPhone and Android.

We all are aware of the best Android photo editing software “Photoshop”, but opening a PC or laptop for editing one selfie and then transferring it to the mobile is a long process. This app is basically the whole Photoshop software inside your smartphone. Besides that, Adobe has even come up with a photo editing app like Adobe Lightroom to add an extra layer of effect to your image.

Top Features of Photoshop Express

  • Enhanced Tool Tips
  • Curvature Pen Tool
  • Ability to Edit 360-Degree Content
  • Access To Lightroom Photos
  • Paint Symmetry

14. Snapseed

Price: Free App (With In-App Purchases)

This stylish Snapseed Photo Editing App is for Android and iPhone.

If you find Photoshop Express a bit too overwhelming to use with all its advanced features, Snapseed is the right professional photo editor for Android and iPhone. It has the quality of Photoshop CC without its complicated features and tools.

Top Features of Snapseed

  • Great Refinement Option
  • Clarity-Style Effects
  • Intuitive And User-Friendly Interface
  • Blemish Removal Tools

15. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

Price: Free App

This trending Camera App is for Android and iPhone.

B612 photography app is a paradise for the selfie lovers of the world. This app started as a trend among teenagers, but soon the application became a global sensation among different age groups. With a virtually infinite number of stickers and filters to choose from, B612 is leading the selfie race.

Top Features of the B612 Selfiegenic camera app

  • Over 1,500 Diverse Stickers
  • Varying Playback Speed
  • Create Music Videos
  • Quick Access To Most Used Filters
  • Art Stickers
  • Quick Slider To Change Filters

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Lights, Camera, Action Ready to Edit your Photos Gallery.

If you are permanently attached to your phone and an avid mobile photographer, these camera apps for iPhone and Android will be your favorite downloads now.

Are you inspired to become the creator of one of the next most awesome photo editing apps? Find the app development company that can help you master photo editing.

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