It’s amazing how people, especially foodies, are turning toward mobile apps for searching food recipes.

Those days are long gone now when our moms used to look for a cookbook for cooking your favorite cuisine. A number of food lovers are all-time high who use cooking and recipe app for their daily uses.

Do you know, approximately 23 million people across the U.S, Canada, Australia, and India have asked Google for the food recipe and cooking app?

The point is, there is a great opportunity for those who are related to the food industry and are looking forward to building their own empire.

This whole article is for you; Learn how to create a recipe app & make it popular among food lovers who love to bake their food on the go.

Who Can Earn From Such Kind of Apps?

  • Chefs
  • Nutritionist
  • Health coaches
  • Foodies
  • Startups

Which Kind of Food Recipe Apps You Can Go For?

When it comes to creating an app for food lovers, there are a lot of options you should consider before investing in a particular app. These different apps serve the specific need of the users.

Recipe app where you type in ingredients and comes with a list of recipes are the most popular among people.

Here’s the list of best recipe app types that are trending in the Play store and App store;

App Purpose Examples
Recipe Collection App Discover top Chef’s recipe Yummly, Food Network
Meal Planner App Make a weekly plan for your meal Mealboard, Mealtime
Pantry App Get the recipe for the ingredient you have SuperCook, BigOven
Recipe App for healthy cooking To serve diet conscious people Green kitchen, SideChef
Recipe Sharing App Share & exchange ideas for recipes Foodgawker, tender
Recipe Database App Organize your personalized apps Paprica, MacGourmet
Recipe Cost Calculator App Calculate food cost to prevent waste of ingredients Fillet for Chefs
Grocery shopping app Order grocery from home Walmart Grocery

Now that you’ve got the rough idea of how these apps work for a different purpose, let’s move ahead and know the whole process of best recipe app development.

Before building a cooking and recipe app for your startup venture, ask yourself these questions. It will help you in creating the most unique app out there in the Android and iOS store.

What Will Be the Target Audience of My Application?

By knowing your target audience you will be able to create a recipe app that helps your users.

Apart from the general people who love to browse the food in social media and other platforms. You can target these audiences who will love to download your app.


Well, these are the people who usually roam around cities to cities. They don’t have much time for cooking but will appreciate something that helps them to prepare the food from what they have. They mostly search for the way to cook something with the ingredients they have.

The mobile recipe app comes to a great rescue for them.

Amateurs in Cooking

Those who are new to the cooking world would love to use these kinds of apps.


Videos, food blogs, various cuisines, and step by step methods will facilitate them in preparing the meal easily.

Fitness Fanatic

People who are health freaks will go to the next level if there is a concern for their health. In this scenario, app with healthy recipes come to the great rescue for them.

Creating an app that provides different recipes that are healthy and displaying the caloric value for their consumption helps them to track their calorie intake.

Users Usually Dining Out

Using location-based services, you can find out the best restaurants & cafes that users visit the most.

Including the popular recipes of those places will encourage the user to cook it at their home through your cooking app.

In addition, including famous chefs’ food blogs will attract voracious readers who love to explore new foods and searching for a culinary experience.

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What Should Be the Features of Cooking & Recipe App?

To create the best recipe book app in the market, it’s imperative to include features that others don’t have.

So, apart from the basic features like registration, create a profile, Search recipe, photo gallery you should include innovative features that increase user’s experience.

Best Meal Planner App

Here, I have mentioned the must-have features that make your app stand out among other competitors.

User Features


Well, you can’t miss out on this amazing feature. If you want to reach out to a wider audience, you must include a video tutorial that deeply explains the cooking procedure.

By adding video in your app, you encourage users to have a real feeling of the recipe and show them how the meal would look once it is finished.

Ingredient Quantity Calculator

Again, this feature would be a stress reliever for the amateurs who can’t figure out how much quantity it would take to make a meal for the specific number of people.

These features let users use only the required quantity of ingredients and prevent the waste happened due to excess quantity.


You can’t overlook the power of social media. You must let your app to be famous on all the social media platform.

Hence, You should include social media sharing feature, so the app users can share their food online with their relatives and friends.

Plan out the Meals

By incorporating this feature, you allow app user to plan out the meal ahead of the week so that a user doesn’t need to think about what food He/she will bake today.

Read Blog

You must have this feature in your app to provide insightful food blogs about delicious recipes and various cuisines. People will be able to read from chefs all around the world.

Best Diet Meal Plan App Nutrition Screen

Admin Features

Manage community

The admin of the app can delete some comments that spread negativity, hurt anyone’s religious belief or violate rules. You’ll have the power to block an user or remove any harmful content.

Manage Recipe and Subscription Package

You can see and manage recipes and subscription packages through your admin panel.

Manage Payments

The feature allows admin to manage the payments done by the users for the app subscription, nearby grocery stores, and e-book purchase.

Upload E-Magazines

Admin can upload the latest e-magazine regarding food and recipes on the food recipe mobile app.

View Earning

You can know from the graph how much you have earned this month.

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How Will I Earn from My Food Cooking App?

Now that you know which features are vital for your app to get success. Let’s know how you can monetize from your app.

In-App Purchases

This strategy is utilized by thousands of apps in the app store and Play store.

Your mobile app offers subscriptions that open some new features or content for a certain period of time. Once the subscription time is over, your user may subscribe again if they liked the functions.

In addition, providing ad blocking options can also help you earn more money.

In-App Ads

Today, digital ads have become a driving force for the global market. They are ubiquitous and mobile apps are not spared either.

Using this model in your recipe app, you can advertise your affiliate’s product or service, etc. If a user clicks or interacts with the ads, you get the money.


To get the benefits from this monetization model, you should have a second, paid version of your application.

If users love a free version, they are likely to download your paid app that has extra features.


If your cooking app gets the success you have thought, you may approach a sponsor and offer them to design your app to match the sponsor’s brand.

This way you get the monthly sponsorship fee or you can split the revenue with your sponsor

Ok! Now the stage is set. You have decided on your target audience and the features.

Now what??

The most important part of Creating your own recipe app is finding the best firm for it.

Choosing the right firm is as important as deciding to make your own cooking & recipe app.

What to Look in an App Development Firm?

  • The company’s experience in app development (Especially, know that the company have made these kinds of apps or not?)
  • Infrastructure
  • Resources of the firm
  • Which platform do they have expertise in Cross platform , Native, Or both?
  • Know how much they involve you in the process
  • How often the firm communicates with you
  • Know the timeline in which they will complete your project
  • Experience of UI/UX designer and their work
  • Get the information on app-submission procedure
  • Company’s policies around maintenance & support

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Recipe App?

Well, the cost of the recipe app depends on a lot of factors. It mostly depends on the Country, a platform (native or cross-platform), functionalities and features you want.

The average price of an hour is about $50/hour.

So, the cost to make an app for recipe sharing in both iOS and Android will be around $5000 to $10,000. But as I have earlier said that the cost may increase according to the features you add in your app.

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The market for the recipe app is lucrative and trending. More and more foodies are embracing a different way of cooking food.

In this scenario, developing your own cooking & recipe app is not only a great startup idea but it can also become a great online source for food lovers and help them to become pro in cooking different cuisines!

Do you need help regarding selecting the best restaurant app development firm?