React Native Mobile App Development

What is React Native?

React Native is a UI library designed to allow JavaScript to run on iOS and Android platform the same as the native platform. React Native got the similar name of react.js because its main purpose is to provide the React Native Mobile App Development Services.

React Native opposed the older frameworks which used to follow “write once run everywhere” and introduced a new term “learn once, write everywhere”. The reason behind the popularity of React Native is the unique set of features and expanded capabilities.

Quick History: Journey Of Reactjs To React Native

Facebook introduced React Native in its keynote 2015. Facebook has created React native; a UI library for its internal usage. After the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook developers used ReactJs to build the website for the Instagram mobile application.

Due to the complications with the features, they came up with React Native as a JavaScript version of react for mobile app development.

Let’s Build iOS Apps with React Native

Why React Native Mobile App Development Is The Best?

React Native allows development of mobile apps using only JavaScript. React Native is based on the same principles of the react and maintains the visual representation of the view hierarchy of an application.

React Native provides some serious benefits for the cross-platform mobile applications without any sacrifice to the look and feel of the app. Despite of some basic features like; ease of learning, simplified UI, huge community support and much more. React Native has some distinguishing features as well.

These features make it unique from the other frameworks; Have a look:

No need of recompiling:

With React native, you don’t have to compile the code again and again. Instead of recompiling, you can simply reload the app instantly. You can also run a new code while retaining the actual state of the application.

Easy to integrate native code whenever needed:

React Native Mobile App Development is capable of combining the components written in objective-C, Java, or even the swift. A simple drop down to the native code is available if you need an optimized way of any aspect of the application. A user can build a part of the app in native code and part of the app in React Native easily.

More declarative:

Unlike imperative coding in which coding is focused on the transitions between the states which at the end leads to complexity with the addition of more states. In declarative coding, the focus is on the UI for the particular stage as a result leads to easier to understand coding with predictable standards.

React calculates the changes required for the current scenario and as a result, leads to a framework that is easier to learn with lesser codes to write and maintain.

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How React Native App Development Is Soon Going to Take over the Native App Development?

React Native wields the components written in object-C, Java and swift to develop a hybrid app with unique functionality. Earlier hybrid apps were neglected due to the availability of highly functional native components. With the introduction of React Native, it is now possible to integrate these native components to build a hybrid app.
Initially, Facebook has provided support for React Native iOS Development. But recently, React Native is also supporting Android operating system. A new library can render mobile UIs for both the platforms.

When we are talking about native app development with React Native it is necessary to cover up the most searched term related to React and Native i.e “how to create a native app using React native with angular”.

Angularjs has released a library that assists in building native applications using React Native and angular.So if you are looking for such an application then you can hire full stack React Native developers with an experience of the angular framework.

React Native Development For Start-ups

It is quite expensive for start-ups to develop an app for iOS and Android separately. Both the languages are too different; it will take two unique developers to develop such an application. On the other hand; An application developed in React Native can be deployed on both iOS and Android.

React Native has its own functions and features useful for each industry. The combinations like React Native for health care, React Native for retail, React Native for automotive, Photo video apps are searched a lot on search engines.

I would like to suggest that instead of searching for benefits for your business industry it would be better if you search for the features that are required in your application. Look out for the features and functions that you think can work for your application. Then contact a proficient React Native Development Company to get started.

Why Is React Native The Future Of Hybrid App Development

React Native is soon going to engulf hybrid app development framework. React Native is providing the best output by combining the best qualities of both native and hybrid frameworks. The performance attribute of native mobile app and ease of development of the hybrid app.

Previously, the ionic framework used to be the first choice for development of hybrid apps, but still, there were some drawbacks of the ionic framework. React Native overcomes all the major deficiencies of ionic; check out how:

Video access within the application:

Ionic apps load video in an app slower as compared to React Native due to the need of download from the other server. React Native caches tiles of the video hence it loads faster.

Memory usage:

The Ionic framework requires more memory as compared to the react native framework.


React Native can integrate with every client based JavaScript modules from the npm(node package manager), on the other hand, ionic uses Cordova-based codes.

Access to the Device features:

React Native allows easy access to any device component or API, while on the other side ionic framework needs Apache Cordova plug-in for device features and APIs.

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React And Ionic Together Can Balance Each Other

What if I tell you that in spite of so many differences, bugs or disadvantages, React Native and ionic can be a great combination?

Both react and ionic were having their own benefits. React Native development provides great front end development features while ionic development allows speedy app development. So the react native developers and ionic developers come up with the idea of combining them together.

Heard of the term REACT-IONIC?

React-ionic comes as an npm package that can be added to the code. So any person who needs an iOS and Android app in JavaScript can now adopt react-ionic development.

We have a Proof of Everything We Stated above: Top 10 Amazing Apps that are Built using React Native

Here are top ten mobile apps that are developed using React Native. These applications will help you to understand the capabilities of react native mobile apps.

apps built with react native

Want to Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS?

What are React Native’s Plans for the Future?

The team behind React Native is working on a major re-architecture of React Native in order to make the framework even more flexible and better incorporate it with native infrastructure in hybrid apps. The re-architecture will be lightweight and will facilitate easy integration with the existing apps.

Below are some major changes that React Native framework and React Native mobile app development will have in near future:

Change in the Threading Model: This will make it possible to call synchronously into JavaScript on any thread for high-priority updates whilst maintaining low-priority work off the main thread to preserve responsiveness.

Adding Async Rendering Capabilities: This will allow numerous rendering priorities and will simplify asynchronous data handling.

Simplification: There will be direct calls between JavaScript and native and will be easier to create debugging tools such as cross-language stack traces.

With these changes React Native mobile app development will be even more straight-forward and easy to use.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire React Native Developer?

Costing depend on the requirement of the client. The requirements of the client define the feature of an application. And the number of features required for an app determines the number of resources needed for the development of an application.

If you are hiring a react native developer you will have to pay the salary. Here we have the data of salary analysis of a mobile app developer as per indeed. You can see that the average salary of a react native mobile app developer ranges from $123,732 to $138,186 per year.

What Is The Estimate Time and Cost to Build An App with React Native?

Do you think you can afford this much? So what to do next? Hire React Native Developers from Excellent WebWorld at a pocket-friendly cost.

App development companies follow different costing models. You can select your model as per your requirement. These Models provide unique costings for various options like; hourly basis hiring, part-time or full-time hiring or even hiring for mobile app development services. For example, you can hire react native developer for six hours if you have a small issue to resolve, or you can hire react native mobile app development team to develop an app from scratch.

So now you are well versed with the importance of React Native and all its aspects lets develop your application with React native. Connect to an experienced team of React native developers and get started.

Need to hire full stack developers for your project?

Full stack developers with React native experience are the most reliable developers today. They can provide an end to end app development solution using React Native. We have provided react native solutions to our several global clients around the globe including US, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and many more.

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