Checking The Weather Prediction Is As Easy As Asking Alexa

Germany’s leading weather forecasting website has introduced a new means of weather inquiry for its customers. wanted to build an Alexa skill that makes it easy and swift for users to catch their weekly and daily forecasts.

Traditionally was providing inclusive weather reports to customers via its app, website, and television. Severin Orth, Full Stack Developer at, recognized the possibility of voice technology utilization for customer interaction.

Orth said, “I’m very interested in new technology and seeing how people were using Alexa in America, I knew this was something we needed to experiment with,” “At the time, Alexa wasn’t available in Germany, but because a voice solution aligned so well with our business goals and the other services we provide, we started imagining what eventually became our skill for Alexa.”

Orth and team developed a working prototype, after setting the goal to provide people weather information as per their needs and in the most convenient way.

Orth expressed, “The Alexa Skills Kit has great documentation, and building the skill was very easy.”

The skill works like, “Alexa, ask for the weather today in Berlin,” and Alexa gives the latest forecast during the day for that particular location.

The skill utilizes an API to gather the data to send voice responses for inquiries into weather reports. hosts its skill on AWS Lambda and it also acts as a bridge between its backend and Alexa.

Moreover, for warning delivery uses Amazon’s API Gateway as a proxy for two Lambda functions, Amazon CloudWatch for login monitoring, Amazon DynamoDB for delivering and storing weather warnings.

Orth also praised Amazon, “Since Alexa wasn’t available in Germany when we were developing the Amazon Alexa skill, the Amazon team was incredibly helpful at assisting us in getting the skill live and providing feedback along the way.”

In addition, introduced a new notifications feature that uses users’ locations to send notifications along with weather notices from the German Weather Service.

With this feature customers can also ask, “Alexa, read my notifications,” or “Alexa, what did I miss?” also plans to improve their skill to comprise features like a card response.

While talking about their next step Orth said, “Our next round of development will include information on pollen counts. So, if a user is allergic to trees or flowers, he or she can simply ask Alexa for their daily pollen flash briefing and know what places to avoid during certain times of the day.”

“Developing this skill has really got us thinking about how we can improve our other services with voice,” “My biggest advice for developers is to just get started. Build a basic skill, test it, and improve along the way.” Orth Said.

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