Creating a mobile app is crucial for every business to reach its target audience in this digital-driven world. And for ease in app development, there are cross-platform frameworks like Flutter available. Flutter has emerged as a need of today’s app market due to its convenient features like hot reload, own render engine, and more.

Due to such developer friendly features, in 2022, 46% of software developers chose Flutter for app development.

If you are also willing to create a Flutter app, estimating its cost is crucial. In the current market, the Flutter app development cost starts from $20,000 & goes above $200,000.

Although multiple factors affect the cost of Flutter app development, you can reduce it through various strategies. Besides, for cost estimation there are different methods available. Dive deep into this comprehensive Flutter app costing guide to know every aspect of the pricing.

Why Should You Choose Flutter Framework for Your App Development?

If you are skeptical about your choice and are willing to know the answers to “Is Flutter good for app development?” or not. Then, with the help of these distinguished advantages, you will learn that your choice of Flutter framework is the best:

  • Single Codebase Comes With Cross Platform App Development

The Flutter app speeds up the development process using a single code to develop Android & iOS apps. After all, it eliminates the need to write the two separate codebases for multiple platforms.

  • Backed by Google

The framework is mainly supported by Google, which makes it even more reliable for the developer community. Additionally, it is up-to-date with the latest advancements making it an even more stable platform for building high-performing apps.

  • Native Performance That Gives Seamless Usage of Features and API’s

The Flutter application is mainly made using the Dart programming language, and as per the new update Dart 3, they are compiled into the native machine code. It mainly ensures higher performance and has fast execution capabilities comparatively.

  • Beautiful & Customizable UI

Flutter has a rich set of pre-designed widgets that enables the creation of visually appealing and interactive interfaces. The widgets are easily customizable to match the app design requirements, and the estimated Flutter app price also depends on them.

  • Cost Effective

Due to Flutter’s single codebase approach, its cost is automatically deducted as no two separate teams are needed to handle this application. It takes a low development time and has hot reload features which are the two prominent reasons for cost-savings through Flutter app development.

  • Future-Ready Technology

Flutter Framework is a future-ready solution, making the development process comparatively easier. It has recent updates of Flutter 3.10, with Dart 3 being integrated. The Dart 3 comes with null-safe code and a bundle of web enhancements that contribute to the seamless development of Flutter apps.

Hence, these are some pioneer reasons why you should go for Flutter app development. If you have decided to go with this framework, then read further to know the Flutter app development cost.

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What is the Estimated Cost of Flutter App Development?

The approximate Flutter mobile app development cost depends on the features based on which it bifurcates the MVP app or advanced functionality like AI, AR, VR, Blockchain etc.

Besides, as per the app functionalities and time being taken, the app development cost is added or reduced from the whole development budget. As we have estimated, developing a Flutter app can cost $10,000 or above for an MVP app. The same costs can exceed $200,000 per the app complexity, features and resources used while creating such an app.

Through this table, let’s know the answer to a prominent question,’how much does it cost to make a flutter app?’ through its various types of apps and as per their complexity and features:

Project Complexity Description Approximate Cost Range
Basic MVP Flutter App Simple Flutter App with limited Features & Functionalities $10,000 to $30,000
A Bit Complex App Advanced app with complex features and animation $30,000 to $60,000
Highly Complex App Fully-fledged App with the extensive features $60,000 & Above based on your requirements

Here, the Flutter app development pricing also depends on the type of the app:

  • If you are building a simple Flutter app with multiple functions, it might cost you around $15,000 to $25,000.
  • The medium-sized Flutter app development charges will be around $35,000 to $55,000 as it will integrate more advanced functions like a call feature.
  • This Flutter pricing for the most advanced apps like Instagram will cost you above $60,000 as it will require the latest features with advanced settings like quiet mode or reels(video upload feature) etc.

Let’s consider the key factors influencing Flutter app development cost.

Key Factors Affecting The Overall Flutter App Development Cost

factors affecting Flutter app development cost
Currently, 26 thousand Flutter apps are available in the market with over 14 billion downloads. Its seamless experience makes app owners even more intrigued to create a Flutter app. Besides, here we have pointed out every single aspect that can affect the cost of developing a Flutter app:

1) Project Complexity

The estimated Flutter app development cost can be increased or decreased per the project’s complexity. Furthermore, multiple criteria directly impact the cost of building a Flutter app:

  • Deployment architecture model of a Flutter app
  • Admin Panel Management
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Built-in Features & Functionalities
  • Hardware Device Integrations
  • Addition of technologies like AR, AI, ML, Blockchain, IoT, etc.

2) Dedicated Hire Developers

The developers also impact the average cost to develop an app in Flutter. There are different sources to hire dedicated Flutter developers for app development, but the best is an outsourcing development company.

Such a software app development company already has a vast talent pool of experts in their team, which can help make an amazing app for your business. To find such expert Flutter developers – Connect with us!

Another factor is your Flutter developer’s location, which can directly impact your app development budget. The Flutter app developer hourly rate also depends on their region; $ 45 per hour in the USA and other countries may differ.

3) Design User Interface

The design you want to create for your app can directly impact the Flutter app cost. Moreover, the app’s layout plays a crucial role in giving the end-users a pleasant or not-so-good experience. UI/UX design can be an indicator that decides the app user conversion and retention rate.

Besides, the design costs also affect the Flutter app development. There are various constituents on which the Flutter app development costs are mainly estimated:-

  • Pre-design Activities
  • UI/UX design Activities
  • Design visual preparation
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Animation preparation

These are prominent elements that estimate the overall Flutter app design cost. There are many complexities in these design interfaces that will control the Flutter price. Though, the approximate cost for developing a Flutter app $5000 to $6000 and above as per the complexity of the design requirements.

4) Backend Development & Integrations

Backend development is considered the backbone of the Flutter app. It mainly provides a range of functions, including data backup, a real-time chatbot and mobile app security. In addition, through the backend development, plenty of features can be added. And it will directly impact the cost of Flutter app:

  • Database to handle the user information.
  • To handle various needs of clients and other activities
  • For managing the security codes and data encryption
  • Aiding the Data Archiving.

Just know that such add-ons might directly affect the pricing methods of the Flutter app development cost.

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5) App Maintenance & Updates

Apps that are currently ruling the charts are there for a specific reason. Even Though the app launch process is crucial and can directly impact the user’s attention and retention rate, app maintenance and regular updates can also prevent the end-users from abandoning the app.

You should hire a company like us that can give you a wholesome solution from app idea to app maintenance of all the services. Moreover, the company mainly allocates 15-20% of their budget to maintenance expenses. And if your launched app is stable in the market for a long time, then get ready to allocate a hefty budget to the updates.

If your business is gaining profits through this app launch and growth in the number of users. Then, there is no harm in an additional contribution to the estimated cost of Flutter app development.

6) Third party API Integrations

Your Flutter app may need a third-party API based on the app’s complexity. This third-party API integration can mainly facilitate the exchange of data between the two solutions which are used for protocols. Initially, you might opt for the least expensive API, but gradually, as the usage increases, there will be a need for advanced API integrations.

7) App Release Pricing

The finished app development needs a platform to publish, and for that, there are two major players: Google play store and App Store. Although these platforms charge a fee for the app release:

Play store one-time fee – $25
App store annually charges – $99

Moreover, Google Play and App Store charge 15% for purchasing a twelve-month subscription.

8) Server Space Rent

If your Flutter app is going to store user-generated data, you mainly need to take care of the server concerns. The weak servers mainly lead to the low performance of the app and high response time for the users. Besides, unreliable servers might lead to vulnerable system protection, which can cause personal data leaks for the users.

Hence to combat the same, using the cloud server 24/7 with 32GB RAM costs around $1600 annually. If not taken the necessary care, it must be kept in mind that it directly impacts the user’s bounce rate.

After knowing the factors affecting the Flutter app development cost, go to the next section to understand the estimated cost.

How To Estimate The Cost of Flutter App Development Project?

After knowing the factors affecting the cost of the Flutter app, you might be intrigued to know the multiple ways to estimate the Flutter app development costs. There are three ways through in cost-estimation methods through which you can easily know the Flutter app development costs for your next project:
Flutter app cost estimation methods

1) Time & Material Method

In this method for predicting the Flutter app development cost, the calculation is done based on the time and resources allotted for a project. The app owners must pay for the actual hours worked and the material used during development.

This method mainly provides flexibility as the scope can evolve to accommodate changes and iteration. Besides, the cost varies depending on the app’s complexity, the features required and the hourly rates of the development team. It tends to allow more agility in development and is suitable for app owners with evolving requirements or uncertain timelines.

2) Fixed Price Method

In this Flutter app pricing method, the app development cost is predetermined. The development team designs the detailed project scope and provides a fixed cost for completing the requirements.

The app owners pay a set amount regardless of the time and effort spent. Besides, this method offers budget predictability but lacks flexibility for additional development changes.

3) Hybrid Method

This Flutter app price method combines the elements of Time & Material and the Fixed price model. It mainly involves setting a Fixed price for the core features and the additional work using the modifications.

Besides, this method provides a balance between budget predictability and flexibility. The initial fixed price covers the primary app development, while any subsequent changes or additional features are billed based on time and resources.

The cost depends on the initial scope, the complexity of the initial scope, and the extent of future modifications.

Now that you know the different ways to calculate your Flutter app development cost. For a better understanding, let’s review some prominent examples that can help you know the approximate Flutter app cost estimation.

Get the Accurate Cost Estimate for Your Flutter App Development Project

Prominent Examples of The Best Flutter Apps Cost Estimation

Did you know in the past year, the number one Flutter app Google Ads has generated major revenue of $224.47 Billion dollars worldwide? We know that you are willing to create such a successful app. Besides, you may be aware of the major and minor factors influencing the Flutter app development cost. To make it better and more useful for you, we have created certain examples of cost estimation for various Flutter apps:-

1) Simple Informational App

If you are willing to build a simple informational Flutter app like the New York Times, which is quite popular amongst readers. Then, here is the estimated cost to develop a Flutter app as per the stages:

Steps for Development % of Budget Allocation Approximate Cost($)
Development Cost $10,000 to $13,000
Design 20% to 30% of the development cost $2000 to $3900( Based on Complexity)
Backend Development Vary based on the Complexity $2000 to $4000
API Integration Vary based on the Complexity $1000 to$1600
Testing & Deployment 10% to 15% of the development cost $1000 to $2000
Additional Constituents 10% contingency of the estimated cost $1000 and can go upto $1500

As per the estimated cost of the simple app, which provides just information to the end-users, the Flutter app price will be around $20,000.

2) Ecommerce App

Flutter is highly compatible with ecommerce, which can be seen with the roaring success of eBay, the best ecommerce app in the market. If you are willing to create a shopping app for your eCommerce website, then here is the cost breakdown that you can take into consideration:

Steps for Development % of Budget Allocation Approximate Cost($)
Planning & Analysis 10% to 20% $1000 to $5000
UI/UX Design Vary based on the Complexity $3000 to $7000
Front-end Development Vary based on the Complexity $5000 to $20,000
Back-end Development Vary based on the Complexity $5000 to $25,000
Testing and Quality Assurance Vary based on the Complexity $2000 to $8000
Deployment & Maintenance It is crucial to be done every year until the lifetime of an app. Min $2000 per year.

3) Social Media App Cost Breakdown

Instagram is currently trendy amongst the youth, and do you know it is made through Flutter? Though, if you are also willing to create a social media app like Instagram, then here is how you can break the Flutter app development cost:

Steps for Development % of Budget Allocation Approximate Cost($)
Planning & Design Stage 20% on planning and design stage allocation varies as per the complexity $5000 to $ 9000
Front end Development Vary as per the project complexity $10,000 to $20,000
Back end Development Vary as per the project complexity $15,000 to $30,000
Integration & Testing Stage Vary as per the project complexity $5000 to $15000
Deployment & Launch Stage Fixed charges based on platform and marketing for the launch approximate 20% to 25% of the budget $2000 to $7000

Note: This is a mere estimation for the exact Flutter app development quote. You will be in need to contact our consultants: Connect with us!

Hence, after estimation, let’s know the major tips to reduce the overall Flutter app costs.

Major Tips To Reduce The Overall Flutter App Price

Tips to reduce the overall Flutter app development pricing
Certain factors can help reduce the Flutter app costs. Mainly, there are higher chances of your app going over budget than necessary due to unwanted points that you missed. There are major ways to optimize the pricing for Flutter app Development to aid the high range cost of developing an app:-

1) Prioritizing App Features & Functionalities

It is a better idea that you don’t overload your users with features. The better way is to prioritize the features & functionalities of the Flutter app development. The focus should be on the core functionalities that provide the most value to the users.

Identify the essential features necessary for the primary purpose, and trim down the unnecessary features for better Flutter app development cost realization.

2) Use Pre-built UI Components & Libraries

Using the pre-built UI components and libraries can help enhance the development process and accelerate the creation of feature-rich applications. You can simply take advantage of Flutter as it provides a wide range of pre-built widgets and UI components that can be easily customized and integrated into the App’s Interface.

3) Efficient Resource & Management

For Flutter price reduction, you will mainly require efficient resource management strategies. Open-source and community-driven libraries can significantly help in reducing resources. Moreover, you can utilize the cross-platform abilities of Flutter, which can also help you save time and money.

4) Agile Development Approach

The Agile app development approach accelerates the Flutter app development process. It is mainly the fast and iterative method that emphasizes adaptability and quick delivery of the working software. This approach mainly focuses on delivering value-based apps to the end users.

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You can further know in-detail about how you can decrease the app development cost without losing the app quality – How to reduce app development costs?

Estimation of Flutter App Development Cost With Excellent Webworld

If we see the biggest companies have made us realize that developing an app through Flutter is highly beneficial for the business. Flutter is a sensible option if you want to make an MVP and need a quick mobile app release. It will help give first-rate UI, fluid UX with accurate and immediate results.

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We have an in-house Flutter app development team with a range of high-skilled Flutter developers, project managers, Quality Assurance personnel, etc., per the project requirements. With their help, you can experience hassle-free service.

At Excellent WebWorld, we give our clients detailed estimated costs per the features app owners want to induce in their Flutter app. Hence, to create a project with us, contact our consultants, and they will help you create a Flutter app evaluation and will give the estimated cost of Flutter app development per your project type.

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FAQs – Flutter App Development Cost

In general, the estimated Flutter app development cost starts from minimum $20,000, and based on complexity, the amount can go above $200,000.

Numerous aspects affect the pricing of Flutter app development. The included ones are:-

  • Decided as per the project complexity
  • Dedicated Hire App Developers
  • Design User Interface
  • Back-end Development & Integrations
  • Additional Constituents like App Maintenance & Updates, Third Party API Integrations, App Release Pricing, and Server space rent.

If we stipulate an average Flutter app development cost, the first thing that is to be calculated is the number of hours. Then, mainly you can multiply the figure by the Flutter app developers hourly rate.

There are multiple cost saving factors in-built with Flutter like low developmental effort, single codebase, low maintenance timeline, etc. All these helps in reducing the cost of application development with Flutter.

The hourly rates of Flutter app developers will differ per their current location. Suppose, the Flutter app developer per hour rate in the USA will range around $63.83 per hour. Likewise, the Flutter app development cost will be distinct based on their countries.

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