I still remember how difficult it was to learn Algebra; the theorems and algorithms were a nightmare.

Until the day our teacher brought a projector in the class and made education learning a fun activity to grasp difficult concepts. The activities taught us the same thing that the teacher was trying to teach via the traditional method. But the only difference was attention and concentration.

The visuals in the video have made students learning & technology simple and intuitive. The key reason was “STUDENT ENGAGEMENT”.

Student engagement refers to the degree of attention, passion, interest, and optimism that students show when they are being taught.

Trends in educational technology are helping educators create and present content that is interesting and relevant to the students in real-time. But as every student learns new things at their own pace, blending digital content with a “personalized learning” approach helps achieve the goal of student engagement.

Why Technology is Important in Education?

As I already mentioned above, as the world is digitizing, it is equally important to have modern technology in education.

To make it more clear to you, here I’ve mentioned some important aspects which show the importance of education technology.

1. Students & Teachers are Demanding it

Education in this digital world demands technology from the students as well as teachers side. The teacher knows well how important is technology in education. In a similar way, students demand technology as their lives are revolving around smartphones & tablets. For instance, with a projector in the classroom, teachers can easily make students understand the topic with a few videos and animations.

2. Technology is Improving the Learning Experience

Why technology is good for education? This question would be going in your mind. The most simple and straight answer to it is technology gives an immense learning experience.

As per the reports and analysis of Standford, they found when the teacher implements the technology in a proper way, it is directly proportional to the good learning experience of the students. In short, it leads to high-quality education for the students. Moreover, app development for kids is also gaining popularity.

3. Test Can be Taken Online

Taking tests online has innumerable benefits. Firstly, teachers can completely remove the chance of cheating in exams students.

As technology takes complete hold over the tests. For teachers, it will be easy to track the performance of the students. With that, students can get their scores on tests in real-time. With online tests, teachers can help students to deal with standardized tests in the future.

4. Improvement in The Student’s Results

Blended learning in education is a big trend in educational technology. When digital tools are introduced to the students it makes their learning more effective. Students can have a recap of the class anytime they wish too. Overall it will improve the results of the students. In a way, it will keep the students engaged in the various learning process.

5. Learn Anytime & Anywhere

Having something more than a textbook gives students a lot of ways to learn different concepts. And the best thing is students can learn any concept anytime they wish to. There are no limitations here. Understanding the importance of technology in education, people have come up with some of the top educational apps which make learning more interactive for students.

So this was all about why technology is good for education. But how to keep students engaged in learning with help of the new technology. That’s what will cover in our next topic.

Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

The best way to provide beneficial online learning to your students is by providing them with personalized information.

The Internet is packed with online lessons, but there is no surety of the quality and relevancy of the content. Your online learning should be helpful for each student, so keep your content distinctive as per the needs of the students.

If you want to create online learning software with a technology experience for your students then creating a personalized experience is worth it.

Online learning is beloved by students because of the anytime, anywhere availability and unlimited recaps. But providing an engaging online experience for students is not easy.

Students’ minds are very spry; they get distracted in a matter of seconds. Your online lesson should be engaging enough to retain the students. Thus it shows the importance of technology in education.

Here, I have a list of some basic key factors that can make online learning interactive and engaging.

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How to Make Online Learning Engaging?

Now you know how important technology is in education, but it is essential to engage students in it. To create an engaging online experience you will require a set of features for your lessons. Make sure your online learning website or software should have the following features to support the engaging learning experience. It is one of the important aspects when indulging technology in education.

Adaptive and Personalized Lessons:

The lessons and its design-thinking-driven plan for each student should be based on their previous accomplishments, assessments, and practice activities. A teaching method is helpful in learning only when it is capable of adapting to the needs of its learner. Adaptive learning with a personalized learning experience is promoting student engagement.

Active and Thought-Provoking Information:

Text-based learning without interactive elements makes learning a mechanical process. Such traditional methods don’t entice students to be attentive. Moreover, students don’t have any intensive to be proactive learners. When study content is engaging and thought-provoking, students get engaged with information and grasp the new learning with ease.

Thought-provoking lessons connect the dots between what students have learned in class and their general understanding of other concepts derived from their surroundings. Another way of creating an active lesson is storytelling; connect your lesson with a good storyline and your students will love it.

Highly Visual Instructions:

Highly-visual and well-designed lessons capture students’ attention and provide the best engaging experience. Provide relevant visuals like explanatory diagrams, short videos, GIFs, etc. Make sure your content has enough interactive visuals and content for students to stay glued.

These approaches when integrated precisely with your online digital content infuse immense engagement. Following is the list of tips that can help you through your online learning and education technology.

6 Tips for Creating an Engaging Online Experience:

  • Keep the lesson clear, concise, and easily digestible
  • Make it as interactive as possible
  • Use message boards to spark the decision
  • Give students an opportunity to recap and revise
  • Incorporate examples to create a connection
  • Reward learner’s achievement

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This Shows the Importance of Technology in Education

So, now you might be clear on how is technology important in education.

When you are planning to integrate technology into education, it is more important to keep the learners engaged.

Hence, to keep your learners engaged you will require providing various types of learning experiences within one classroom. Keep your lesson interactive enough to retain your students. You’ll have to walk through the door to enter the world of digital education. Educational app development is the most useful way to bring technology into education.

Connect with us to know more about personalized learning and the importance of technology in education.

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