A Guide on Starting a Salon/Spa Business

A Spa or Salon was considered as a luxurious amenity which only the rich could entertain. But with increasing living standards, a personalized hair treatment or luxurious Spa session can be enjoyed by anyone.

If you are thinking of starting a salon business may it be a hair salon, nail bar or beauty salon and spa. We are here to guide you through every step of starting a salon and spa business and how to successfully run it.

It was a belief that beauty industry is not a safe market to tread in as they would be one of the first to get hit by recessions, but all the facts are against this statement as even in the recessions of 2016 the beauty industry flourished especially with salons and spas. Even in economically primitive country like Africa, beauty industry made 380 million Rand (African currency).

All this prosperity means that whoever wishes to open a salon or spa business is going to be on a winning streak. So without wasting further time let’s dive into the discussion on how to start a salon business?

Various Alternatives

Do you know how many types of salons and spas exist in the world of beauty care?

  • Hairdressing salons
  • Nail treatment salons
  • Tanning salons
  • Day spa
  • Destination spa

There are many other sub-types amongst these but these 5 are considered the main types of salons and spas. The basic needs of all these salons and spas are almost similar only varying to a small degree. So we will mainly focus on how to open a hair salon and beauty spa to give you a general idea for the rest.

Business Model

Different business models will cost you differently, so taking this decision needs the proper investment of time and other resources. You can choose from below mentioned three business models or plans.

Buying Franchise

Building a brand in a highly competitive industry is very difficult even with high standard skills and equipment. So buying a franchise from an already established successful brand will give you the needed reputation in the market.

In return, you will have to give away a handsome part of your monthly earnings to the parent company. This option is feasible in areas where there is high competition and if you make enough to not affect your earnings after giving the parent company its share.

Building A Salon/Spa Business

If you don’t like franchising and want to build your own brand, then building your own business from the ground is the most hard working but sure-footed decision. But to open your own salon/spa business from the scratch needs more than just willpower.

It needs a lot of money. Buying a land or a store fitting the needs of the hair salon or beauty spa with a prime location to grab more customers will cost you more than a handful bucks.

Renovating the store according to the needs of the salon/spa business will cost you some more. Fully stocking your store with all the needed machines and inventories like trimmers, dryers, pedicure chairs, sanitation stations, etc. will cost you a small fortune. But once your business is established all of the investment will return many folds as the services you offer are necessary and cannot be copied at home.

Buying An Existing Salon/Spa Business

If you are not comfortable with parting a huge chunk of your earnings and you also lack enough capital to build your own salon or spa store then you can buy an already existing store. There are many individuals who are either retiring from the beauty treatment industry or simply changing business out of boredom. You can buy their already functioning store to start your own salon or spa business.

This would mean that you don’t need to make necessary changes to the store like adding more plumbing or electric points of higher voltage to run specific machines. As the store would have all of it already in place and may also have the machines stock that you would need.

There is a catch that the previous owner may be selling the business due to the problems in the locality of the shop like not getting enough customers, or locals opposing the store, etc. It is advisable to always do a background check for the property or store you are buying to avoid problems and losses.

Costs Of Starting A Salon/Spa Business

After getting an answer for how to build a hair salon app, now comes the next million-dollar question, how much does it cost to start a salon/spa business?

The Store location has a very important factor in deciding the cost of the store. More prime the location; more the cost of the store. You can go for renting and leasing the store if you don’t have the capital to buy the place.

The Renovation again depends on how much is needed to be done with the place, if it already was a hairdressing salon or beauty spa then renovation could be minor to none.

The inventory, from machines like trimmers, curling irons, big barrel curler, etc. to the products you use like lotions, serums, shampoos, extensions, etc. All of these inventories vary on the brand and quality of the products.

A mobile app and website for customers is a must. As a luxury service provider, you have to be the most digitized to reach to your customers and to make a path for them to reach you.

A mobile salon appointment Website & app will be very useful for your customers to book their sessions in advance and this salon appointment book app will help you to make a proper calendar. The employees can set their working days and hours according to this Hair salon app/Beauty spa app and show availability for customers. This could be a real help to manage a hair salon/beauty spa business.

You can also add features like review and rating stylists, online payment gateways, staff availability calendar, etc. Such features will give the same luxurious feel on the digital platform that your customers feel in your salon/spa.

You would need a website development team for building your company website and to make your own beauty salon spa apps you would need a mobile app development team to build you the Salon/Spa mobile app.


The Millennials and all the generations after them care a lot about their body and health. They are your target customers so starting a salon/spa business is very profitable so this salon/spa business will keep on prospering and you could also get a piece of this pie.

But it’s important to make your own beauty salon spa apps & web application to attract this tech-savvy generation of customers. So stop standing on the shore and come into the sea of opportunity. Make your startup dream a reality with a Top Website Development Company.

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