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Why Calculating the Cost of the App Development is Not an Easy Task?

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This whole article is all about deciding the cost of the app development!

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A business owner who wants to upgrade your business with a mobile application.

The market for mobile app development is booming. It is tempting to invest in app development for your business or startup.

Most probably, the first question in your mind comes about app development cost! And I can understand the urge to know answers of questions like

  • How much will it cost to develop a mobile app?

  • Which kind of factors do I need to consider while developing a mobile app?

  • Does the location of the company matter?

  • How functionality affects the cost to make an app? And many more……….

The article is all about cost factors affecting app development and the average cost of mobile app development.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

You are all set to develop an app for your business.

Now, you have decided the features, how you will serve everything is concluded and now you are sending your requirement to different app development companies to know how much it costs to make an app.

But before you do that you need to at latest have a clear idea about the factors affecting your mobile app development cost estimation.

Let us dive deep into the journey of deciding the cost factors in app development cost.

What are the Factors Affecting the App Development Cost?

App development is not an easy task and it requires certain aspects to consider while developing a feature-rich app. Here are the list of main factors affecting the cost of app development.
  • Type of app

  • Features of the app

  • Location of the app development company

  • What kind of source you are hiring

  • The process of app development

  • Cost of app maintenance

Let us Start with App Design and see how it is the key factors in deciding the average cost of app development.

How Cost of App Design Affects The App Development Cost?

The design is the crucial part for any of the app and it requires clear planning.

A famous quote from the Steve jobs adds that design is not just what it looks like and feels like, the design is how it works.

For mobile app design, you need to consider some of the important aspects like; visual design, user interfaces, UX, logos, icons, branding, wireframe, etc.

If you want to hire a professional designer you need to be ready to pay $150 per hour or even more. On the other hand; the less experienced designer can take only $45/ hour.

Moreover, there are some other factors affects the cost while designing the app

  • In which country the company is located

  • Complexity

  • Platforms: iOS or Android

Types of the App

Web Hybrid Native Apps Development
Not all app types are the same. So, you have to take into consideration all the types of the app while considering the cost of app development.

Native apps

The native apps development cost is higher than other hybrid apps because of the number of developers involved in it.

Moreover, it also takes a longer time to develop because of its functionalities and features it provides. Business apps, entertainment apps, and education apps are mostly built on the native platform.

For example, the cost of iOS app development is higher than Android.  Because, the system which the iOS developers uses cost way to high then the Android.  So, based on that the hourly rate of iOS costs more.

In addition, it also takes more time to approve your iOS app in the App store due to more rules and restriction as compared to android.

Hybrid apps

While cross-platform app development is best suited to reach a bigger audience from the start.

Hybrid app development cost is less because the team involved in development is less than the native app. In addition, it needs single code that can work for all platforms so it takes less time to code for the entire platform.

The performance of hybrid apps is not up to the level of native apps. Hence, these kinds of apps are suitable for small and medium communication apps, lifestyle apps, and game apps.

Basic Functionality Apps

Basic apps are fast to develop and include few or even no features at all.

These apps frequently show data on various “lists.” Usually, they include drop-down menus which let the user make a choice.

Calendar, diet planners, and email apps are certain examples of such kind of apps. The user is directed to the second and more specific list once he has chosen an option. The cost to build an app of this category ranges between $5,000 and $25,000.

Database Driven Apps

Contrasting the first app category, these apps store their data on remote data servers. The app owners can transmit the data to the client side and server side.

Moreover, these apps let their users make searches and input data to generate the preferred outcomes.

Connecting the app to remote web servers needs more complicated coding and an API, thus Cost of creating an app of this category is quite high and it ranges between $15,000 & $50,000.

Game Apps

This is the toughest app category for calculating the development cost. These kinds of apps include simple PONG type functionality all incline to composite virtual reality games.

For instance, the developer of Flappy Hen game which is a clone of Flappy Bird, it would cost around $6, 00,000-$7,00,000.

A racing game, which uses a gyroscope, can cost near about $150,000.

Hence, Cost of making an app in the gaming category would range from $60,000 to $250,000.

Mobile App Features Add Extra Costs to the App Development

Mobile App Features
Why it is that sometimes some apps take considerably less time to develop than other apps?

Well, app development is a complex process, and it mostly depends on the features set and design required.

The cost of the app development will increase after adding the new features:

  • User login

  • Push notification

  • Navigation

  • Portrait/landscape mode

  • Media content

  • Geolocation

  • Google map integration

  • Chat/messaging

  • Ads

  • Search

  • Customization

  • In-app purchase

  • Chat bots

  • Payment integration

  • Streaming

  • Device synchronization

  • Multiple language support

  • Offline mode

  • Database

  • Data encryption

  • Phone sensors usage

Does the Location Of The Company Affect The App Development Cost?

There are many companies worldwide providing app development and they claim to deliver the best mobile app solution.

The most common misnomer around these companies is that experienced and big companies are responsible for the high quality product. New and small companies are not able to cater the best results.

But it’s not out an out right!

You can get the same quality of work from a different company and from another country in a considerably low app development cost.

Let’s Check Out The Hourly Rates Of The Different Countries.

Country Android ($/hour) iOS ($/Hour)
North America 150 168
South America 43 34
India 30 25
UK 70 70
Australia 110 110
Eastern Europe 35 35

What Sources Should I Hire For App Development?

It is imperative to consider whether you want to outsource app development or in-house development. You can’t rely only on the average cost of developing an app.

Here‘s the solution on what you need to take into consideration!

App Development Company

Most of the individuals and startups prefer app development firm to develop their app since they come in a complete package.

By hiring app development agencies, you get a dedicated development team includes a Business analyst, a designer, all type of developers, a project manager, Testing & Marketing team, all from one place.

Such app development firms can charge the average cost of creating an app between $25/hour and $150/hour.

Hire In-house Developers

You can also think to hire in-house developers, product managers, and designers who will help you to build your own app.

On the other hand, you could also prefer to hire a developer who will be able to perform all three roles.

As global competition enhances, hiring a full-time and quality developer may lead to an immensely costly and time-consuming process.

Further, if you desire to enlarge your app you will require hiring some more in-house developers.

Hiring Freelancers (we do not recommend)

You can hire Mobile app freelancers from conventional freelance platforms, like, and

The problem is that you cannot expect professionalism and on-time delivery, as most of the mobile app freelancers have several works in their pipelines.

Let’s discuss how app development stages add extra bucks to your app development cost.

App Development Stages

App Development Stages
You need to discuss each and every element of your app along with the functionality of each element. This step takes one to two weeks.

Project Design Sprints

The major step is to convert your idea into a mobile app; you need to explain your thinking to the designer and then a wireframe will be developed.

The wireframe will have further changes as per your requirements. This step takes up to 3 weeks.

App Design

Once the wireframe is finalized the designer will begin its work on creating mobile app designs.

After each screen design, your suggestions will be asked. The designing step will take 3 weeks.

App Development

Now, the major step begins. Your dream will be converted into reality as per your app design, your requirements and your app ideas.

This step will take up to 8 weeks.

App Launch

After the app development process is completed its time to launch the project to let your audience know about your mobile app products.

Your mobile app will be uploaded to Google Play store and Apple app store and this will take one week.

Cost Of App Maintenance

You have published your app in play store or app store.

Is it the end of the chapter?


You should be prepared for the expenses of app maintenance if you want to get more download for your app.

The average cost of app maintenance per year is about 20% of the development of the app.

For example, if your app development cost is $100, 000. Then you have to be prepared for more $20,000 per year. In addition, some features cost you more,

  • Cost of servers- $20-$60/month

  • Push notification- $ 10/month

  • Third party APIs

  • Bug solving

  • Payment Gateways- Up to $140 /month

  • App store developers fee- $25 at Google play and $99 at App store


So, these were some effectual factors that tend to affect the MVP app development cost.

Now, you are able to estimate it by yourself and thereby make a cost-effective decision for building an app.

If you are interested to build an app then you must also evaluate the mobile app development cost calculator for marketing. You can also use it in human resources, support, and much more.

What do you think?

Is there any other factors affect the average cost of app development?

Suggestions are welcomed.